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It’s Release Day….yeah!!!!!
I am so happy to show off my newest book, The Oath, book 2 in The Coven Series. These books are near and dear to my heart and they are secretly my favorite ones to write.  Shhhhh….don’t tell Mattie and Dan from The Ghost Files! They may give me grief when I write their newest book in January!

Let me show you my story of dark magic, revenge, and a sister’s love….

Summary from Goodreads:

She killed herself.

Everyone asked why, but when I got my hands on my sister's diary, I understood exactly why.

I stared at the girl in the mirror as I removed my nose ring. Gone was the black hair, replaced by golden blonde locks that made my sapphire blue eyes shine and my California sun-kissed skin glow. The Goth chic clothes had been put away and I wore a pink tank top and a pair of khaki colored Capri’s. Stylish sandals completed the outfit. I wanted to barf.

The snotty little would-be witches would pay for what they'd done. By the end of the week, they’d all be praying to whatever god they worshiped to hide them from the hell coming for them.

May the Fates have mercy upon them, because they would pay the same price they’d demanded of her.

Their lives.

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Summary from Goodreads:

Armed with kick-ass shoes, can CJ stop a maniacal coven leader, save the town, and still get Mr. Melt In Your Mouth Gorgeous while surviving the darkness coming for her?

The smoke from the fire burned her eyes, its heat caressed her skin and the taste of fear choked her. She was going to burn just as her ancestor did all those centuries ago in New Salem Village. How could she have been so wrong about everything?

Cassie Jayne Bishop grew up the only non-believer in town of Coven. When a stranger comes to the sleepy town of New Salem, everything she thought was true unraveled around her. Ethan made her question everything, even her sister’s death. Clues start to pile up and Cassie is determined to find out if the Coven was the real reason her sister died.

What she uncovers terrifies her to the very depths of her soul....

*** Just so Mattie and Dan don’t feel left out… ***

The Ghost Files will be made into a major motion picture summer of 2015 so make sure you get your FREE copy from Amazon and iTunes now!

And let’s not forget The Awakening, book 1 in The Bloodlines Series, part of the USA Today Bestselling limited edition Pandora Supernatural box set!


Summary from Goodreads:
Snap...crackle...pop. The sounds of bones breaking and shifting and of muscles tearing haunt Alexandria Reed...

For the last five years, Alex has been locked up at Compton Academy, a "school" for the emotionally challenged. She calls it the politically correct way of saying they’re all nuts and Alex has no doubts she’s insane. She comes home to Jacob's Fork to face the demons she left behind her after deceiving the doctors into believing she’s well. Soon after her arrival home though, news of her estranged mother's death brings her uncle back into her life and she and her brother, Jason, learn a terrifying secret about their family.

After questioning her sanity for the last ten years, she discovers the night terrors she's suffered for so long has become a reality. She and her brother are now being hunted because of the secret her family has killed to protect. Her world has been turned upside down, every belief she held true destroyed. Aided by her new friends, who have some dark secrets themselves, can she and Jason survive long enough to figure out the secret behind the secret?

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Apryl Baker


  1. Yeah!!! Grabbing my copy now :) Congrats, Apryl!

  2. Congratulations, Apryll! The new book, a movie deal... You are on fire!

  3. Congratulations, Apryl, on your new release! I can hardly wait to read The Oath!