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Hi everyone, I’m Laura Thalassa, author of The Unearthly, The Coveted, The Cursed, and The Vanishing Girl. Today Oliver, one of my most outspoken characters from The Unearthly series, hosted an interview with some of the other characters from the series in anticipation of the fourth book, The Forsaken.

At the time this interview was taken, Andre, the king of vampires, and his soulmate, Gabrielle, a siren/vampire hybrid, were on the run. Most of the supernatural world, wants to persecute Gabrielle for reasons that I can’t mention (because they’re spoilers!). Besides Andre and Gabrielle, Oliver also interviews Caleb, a shapeshifter, and Leanne, a seer.


Oliver: I’m Oliver, the world’s most fabulous fairy and interviewer, and today I talked with hot Mac Daddy Andre, my BBFs—Gabrielle and Leanne—and the eternally delicious Caleb, about their adventures and what’s next for each of them. *turns to group* So, I’ve gathered all you lovely bitches here for an interview.

Caleb: *Groaning* Oliver, this is so lame. And you promised there’d be food.

Leanne: There was food. Oliver just ate it all.

Oliver: *Sniffs* I was hungry. You don’t know what it’s like staying with vampires. Their kitchens are horribly under stocked.

Gabrielle: Oh puh-lease. You did not just say that.

Caleb: Forget I even brought the subject up. Can we just do the damn interview?

Oliver: *shuffles his papers and clears his throat* Fine, fine. *swivels to Gabrielle* Gabrielle, what’s it like being the anti-Christ?

Gabrielle: *throws up her hands* I’m not the anti-Christ.

Oliver: Hmph, that’s not what the rest of the supernatural world says.

Gabrielle: *raises her eyebrows* Do you really want me to answer the question?

Oliver: I asked it, didn’t I?

Gabrielle: *huffs* The world hates me. The devil wants me. People are hunting me down. It sucks.

Oliver: It can’t all be bad. I mean, I’ve seen your boy toy from down under—and I really mean down under. *waggles eyebrows* He ain’t so bad on the eyes, if you know what I mean. *nudge, nudge, wink, wink*

Gabrielle: He’s the devil.

Oliver: That’s a problem?

Andre: *growls* Watch your words, fairy.

Oliver: I was only kidding … sorta … anywho, Caleb, you must be torn—the girl you can never have—like ever, because one, she don’t want your skanky ass, and two, she already has a vampire king-slash-soulmate and the god of the Underworl—

Caleb: *pushes out chair back and stands up* Screw this. I’m out of here—

Oliver: Wait! *grabs Caleb’s wrist then gets distracted by the feel of it* Oooooh, you have soft skin.

Caleb: Stop that. *Yanks wrist away and begins to exit the room*

Oliver: Wait! I just have one question!

Caleb: *pauses and turns* What is it?

Oliver: Who do you have a stronger allegiance to—Gabrielle or the supernatural police force you work for?

Caleb: *eyes flick to Gabrielle and linger there before he swivels and leaves room*

Leanne: *coughs* Well that wasn’t awkward or anything.

Oliver: He’s so moody. *fans self* God, I love it.

Gabrielle: *rubs temples* This is so messed up.

Oliver: Isn’t it? So much better than Days of our Lives.

Gabrielle: I’m glad my life entertains you.

Oliver: *pats Gabrielle’s thigh* It’s all right, sweetcheeks; everything’s going to work out in the end.

Gabrielle: *shares a poignant glance with Leanne, then looks away*

Oliver: *Looking between Leanne and Gabrielle* What did I miss?

Leanne: Nothing.

Oliver: That so wasn’t nothing. You two shared a look. *waits and is met with silence* Hmph, fine, be all cryptic like that. *turns to Andre* So, what’s it like have to share your soulmate with el Diablo?

Andre: *Stares at Oliver* I don’t share.

Oliver: Good point. You almost snapped my neck when you found out I slept with your girlfriend.

Andre: *Lips draw back and fangs descend* Don’t. Remind. Me.

Oliver: Eep.

Gabrielle: Whoa, whoa. Andre, nothing happened. You know this. Oliver doesn’t even like women like that.

Andre: He pushes me too far, soulmate.

Oliver: *opens his mouth to speak*

Gabrielle: *lifts finger in warning* Don’t. Talk. Last time someone pissed off Andre, heads rolled—literally.

Oliver: *closes mouth*

Gabrielle: *turns to Andre* It’s called impulse control. You’re doing a good job of it. Keep it up.

Andre: *narrows eyes* We will be discussing this later, soulmate. In private.

Oliver: Can I be there?

Gabrielle and Andre: No.

Oliver: Hmph. Fine. You two are no fun. *rotates to face Leanne* Have you foreseen anything useful?

Leanne: You mean since we started the interview? No.

Oliver: *sighs* All you hoes are so difficult. It’s a good thing I’m a very understanding fairy.

Leanne: *snorts*

Oliver: What? You don’t beli—?

Andre: *stands abruptly and scents air* We need to go. Now.

Oliver: Ah, crap. *quickly gathers up things* M’kay, that’s it for now, but be sure to read The Forsaken, the fourth book in The Unearthly series, which comes out in January 2015! *Muah* You all stay sexy in the meantime!


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About the Author
Laura Thalassa is the author of The Unearthly, The Coveted, The Cursed, and The Vanishing Girl. Born and raised in Fresno, California, she spent her childhood cooking up fantastic tales with her best friend. Lucky for her overactive imagination, she also happened to love writing. She now spends her days penning everything from paranormal romance to young adult novels. Laura Thalassa lives in Santa Barbara, California with her fiancé, author Dan Rix. When not writing, you can find her at

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