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The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World each hold a secret…Secrets not of this earth…Secrets that will herald the end of times…

While history was still young, a war for Heaven waged.The defeated were sentenced to a life on earth. They were beaten, not broken.Now using their knowledge of the Ancient Wonders, they have chosen to make their move.The battle for Heaven and earth is about to begin anew. A battle humanity may not endure.

The Fallen have been content to live quiet lives on earth since their banishment from Heaven. Rules have been placed for human safety and their celestial counterparts police them day and night.

New information will spark an uprising. The Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, holds a secret that will tip the scales of power to whatever side resurrects it first.

Alan Price is a man with an army of issues. Fear, anxiety, depression and anger are only a few of the things that haunt him daily. It is only when his darkness becomes total, that his true purpose on earth is revealed. Alan is something more than human. As abilities manifest themselves, answers come in the most unexpected form.

Michael knows something big is coming. Whispers in the wind are hinting at the Fallen making a move. The Archangel must gather his force and recruit those who have been deemed worthy. One name in particular holds special meaning. Alan Price is a Nephilim, a human that has been chosen to serve Heaven and granted talents of superhuman proportion. In this man more than any other, Michael senses a power even he does not understand.

Now Alan is sent on a journey that will take him from the Island of Rhodes to the vast desert of the Sahara, all in a desperate race to stop the Fallen and their plan to rule both Heaven and earth. The enemy is shrewd and brutal, with no regard for human or supernatural life. In order to have any real chance at stopping the enemy, Alan must first silence the demons within.

Meet the Cast: Alan, Danielle and Michael from Alan Price and the Colossus of Rhodes as they answer questions submitted by you, the reader.
Alan Price

Danielle Turner


Danielle: Hey everyone. I am super excited to be here and get started by answering questions submitted by you, the fans but before we begin let me introduce myself and my colleagues. My name is Danielle Turner, to my left is Alan Price-
Alan: Hello, everyone.
Danielle: -and Micheal... Michael do you have a last name?

Michael: You know I've thought about that a lot myself and I don't. I guess when I was created I was the first being to have the name so there was no concern in a last name.

Alan: That's weird, I never thought about it that way.

Michael: *Shrugs*

Danielle: Okay well maybe we can think of a last name for you or, Oh, you know what would be great?

Alan: Oh, here we go.

Danielle: What if we made it a contest for the fans? Best suggestion would win.

Michael: Thanks for the offer but I'll pass. Lets just stick to the cards.

Danielle: Oh right. Okay back to the cards with questions the fans wrote in. The First one is for Alan. "Alan what was going through your head when you realized for the first time that you were an angel and why are your wings blue?"

Alan: Yeah, that was a rough one to swallow. I was confused, heck I still am confused. At first I thought I was only a Nephilim, you know someone sent to help the actual angels in their fight here on earth against the Fallen. Then when the wings came and they're made out of this blue energy, I was thrown even further from figuring this thing out. Michael, what do you think?

Michael: Just because I'm an Archangels doesn't mean I have all the answers. That's something you're going to have to find out for yourself Alan.

Danielle: Okay next question is for Michael. "Michael, are you still in love with Ardat even though she..." Maybe we should just skip this one.

Michael: It's okay Danielle. I'm over a millennia old I think I can handle whatever that card has to say.

Danielle: "...even though she betrayed your love and is now a member of the Fallen race?"

Michael: My love for Ardat is not something as flimsy as the wind. Fallen or not I still, and always will love her. That doesn't mean that I agree with her actions. It just means my love for her is unconditional. With that said my feelings in no way will interfere with my duty.

Alan: You've proved that when you put down her insurrection. For what it's worth I'm proud of you.

Michael: Thank you Alan, but I remember you being the one that rallied the Death Angels and brought them to our aid.

Alan: Oh yeah, I guess I did. That was crazy.

Danielle: Oh you guys this is just so great. We're bonding. Okay, last question before I start getting emotional. Oh look! It's for me. "Danielle, do your feelings for Alan-go further than friendship?"

Michael: Danielle are you okay? You're really red right now.

Danielle: I'm fine. I don't know why everyone keeps asking me this.

Alan: You did pick me up in a bar.

Danielle: What!? No I didn't you just happened to be at a bar when Micheal sent me to recruit you.

Alan: And then you asked me to move in with you.

Danielle: You're such a liar. Angels aren't supposed to lie. Your apartment was compromised, we had to move you... I'm going to punch you in the throat.
Alan: Why are you always so violent?

Danielle: You make me this way.

Michael: All right well I think that is enough for one day. If the fans want to find out more they can get our book through or visit Thank you all for having us and keep in touch. Our story is far from over.

Excerpt from Alan Price and the Colossus of Rhodes:

Ardat’s gaze shifted to the floor. Before she spoke, she took a step forward. “No,” Michael warned with an outstretched hand. “That’s far enough. Explain yourself.”
Ardat’s eyes shimmered in tiny pools of pain and sorrow as she physically recoiled from his words. “Has it been so long, lover, that a hug cannot pass between us?”
Every fiber in Michael’s being pushed him to embrace the only woman he ever loved, the only woman he feared he would ever love again. Duty and responsibility held him back. “You left me. You left me.” Michael repeated himself slowly more to remind himself than to the woman in front of him. “You made the choice a long time ago that forbade us to ever embrace again. When you sided with him, you sacrificed our love.”
Ardat took a long breath that quivered in her chest. “You wouldn’t come. Why wouldn’t you come with me, Michael? I begged you. I very literally fell on my knees and begged you to come with me.”
Michael paused a brief second as memories of the past invaded his thoughts. The conversation that separated the two Angels forever was a close memory that would always be easy for him to recall. It was a moment he would never forget. “Ardat, I couldn’t leave. You shouldn’t have left. The vows we took to uphold truth and righteousness, did they mean nothing to you?”
The sorrow in Ardat’s voice was slowly turning to menace as she too remembered their fateful past. “We were born into service without a choice. The Usurper saw this and gave me a choice—“
“A choice? Is that how you justify killing hundreds of thousands of our kind? Is that how you sleep at night? You rationalize your murderous actions with a false pretense of slavery, Ardat. We were never slaves. We were special. You—you were special to me.”
“And we can still be,” Ardat said risking Michael’s temper and taking another step forward. “Don’t you see? I’m doing this for us. With Heaven’s army destroyed, I will be in power and you with me. I have no love for my kind. Come with me. You and I will make our own home on earth. With no Angels or demons to pull us either way, we can finally be happy together.”
Michael was at a loss for words. The same woman he gave his heart to centuries before stood in front him yet she was not

there at all. “You would risk all of these lives for us?”
“Michael, I would risk so much more to be with you again. Please, if you will not join me, stay out of this fight. When it is over, I’ll say I took you as prisoner. You can still have your reputation and me with it.”
Michael shook his head slowly. The pain he felt every day at losing her doubled in the pit of his stomach. Heartbreak tore through him clutching his heart until he thought is would burst under the pressure. “I don’t know if I can ever stop loving you, Ardat. Somewhere deep within you I still believe the woman I love exists. Maybe I’m a fool for this.” Michael licked his dry lips. Ardat leaned forward in anticipation of his next words. “I will not join you. I cannot kill you, God help me, but I will not join you. We will be victorious today. I’ll order you captured alive and maybe, maybe you can find forgiveness in the eyes of the Creator.”
“The Creator?” All signs of sadness and love from Ardat disappeared in an instant. “The Creator? Where is your Creator now? As you stand on the brink of extinction, where is He to be found? No, your Creator has abandoned you. When I stand over the field of battle as a victor, I will do the same for you, my love. You will be taken alive and I have faith that one day you will see things my way.”
Michael’s eyes refused to leave Ardat. It was his sense of smell that once again reminded him of another’s presence. The short goblin peeked around Ardat’s long black robe with a wicked stare. “We attack in an hour, my love. Rethink my offer to either join us or remain absent from the confrontation. Our numbers and superior weapons will make this a short, bloody conflict.”

About the Author:

Jonathan Yanez spent five years after graduating from college in sales and management before he realized life is too short to be doing anything but what you love. He lives in Southern California with his wife where he writes everyday, grateful for the opportunity.

If you'd like to know more about Jonathan or his books you can visit him at any of the following sites:

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