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Interviewer: It’s so nice to finally be able to meet you all! Since you’re here, do you mind if I ask each you a few questions?

Tristan: I thought we’d already established that’s why we were here in the first place.

Claire: Easy, Pierce.  He’s only trying to do his job.

Emma: Yeah, Tristan. No need to take everything personally.

Tristan: Who said I’m taking this personally?

Evin: [raising eyebrow] Really, man?

Interviewer: Okay…well…back to the interview. First question: you all have great hair. What kind of product do you use?

Tristan: Product? Do you really think I’d waste the time fixing my hair every morning?

Evin: I thought you purposefully aimed for that whole bedhead thing?

Claire: That would imply that Tristan actually has a sense of fashion.

Emma: [laugh]

Interviewer: So…no product.

Tristan: No.

Claire: [tossing hair] This mane is au natural.

Interviewer: Do any of you have any hobbies?

Tristan: Does killing things count?

Emma: You really need to get out more.

Tristan: I get out all the time.

Evin: I think she meant “get out more” as “you really need to socialize more often and kill less.”

Claire: [ignoring others] I like to design clothes.

Interviewer: Really? Are you wearing anything right now that you’ve designed?
Claire: [blushing] Maybe, but I don’t think I can tell you what.

Interviewer: [also blushing]...Okay. Never mind.

Evin: [manically grinning] Now I’m curious.

Tristan: Are we done yet?

Interviewer: Not yet. Tell me about the love life as students. Are any of you in a romantic relationship?

Evin: Why, do you want my number?

Interviewer: I—er—

Evin: Kidding. Again. But to answer your question, I am seeing someone right now.

Interviewer: Oh yeah? What’s her name?

Evin: Who said anything about them being a her?

Tristan: That certainly would explain a lot…

Interviewer: Oh, well, what’s his name?

Evin: Jumping to conclusions about me, are we?

Emma: [groan]

Interviewer: I’m so confused right now…

Evin: [chuckling] It is a she. And I would tell you her name, but she wants me to keep our relationship under wraps for now. [Looks at Claire]

Interviewer: Is she embarrassed of you?

Evin: [scoffing] Of course not!

Claire: Your girlfriend may think otherwise.

Interviewer: What about you two? Emma? Tristan?

Emma: [uncomfortable cough] Er…

Tristan: Did you not just hear the part about me not having time to fix my hair? Why would I have any more time for dating?

Interviewer: Surely you—

Tristan: Next question, please.

Interviewer: Are you always this short-tempered?

Evin, Emma, and Claire: [simultaneously] Yes.

Tristan: I just don’t like to waste my time on stupid questions.

Interviewer: My questions aren’t stupid!

Tristan: The bloody hell they’re not.

Interviewer: That’s it, Tristan. We’re done now.

Tristan: [exits room]

Emma: Don’t take it personally. Tristan hates everyone.

Interviewer: Thanks…I think.

Apryl Baker

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