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Meet the Characters from Reluctant Guardian 

Hello everyone! I am Jane Roberts and I’ll be your host for today’s show! We have some exciting guests for you all to meet. Please welcome Alisa Callahan and Brecken Shaefer to the stage! 

*Clapping and cheering from audience*

Jane: First off, tell us a little about yourself, Alisa. 

Alisa: Well, I'm a ghost. I died in a terrible accident.

Jane: But it was an accident that you caused yourself, right?

Alisa: Well, yeah. Technically, I guess you could say that.

Brecken: But she had a really good reason. She was so sad about her best friend dying of cancer, her Grandmother had recently died from old age... she had a lot going on

Jane: Thank you, Brecken. We appreciate you having her back.

Brecken: Of course I do. She's practically perfect except for that minor mistake she made, and she's paying the price for that. Cut her some slack.

Alisa: It's okay, Breck. I can answer the questions myself.

Brecken smiles sheepishly and squeezes Alisa's hand.

Jane: So, Alisa, you were assigned to the guardian program and that is where you met Brecken?
Alisa: Yes! At first it was so terrible! I didn't want to work! I wanted to rest and have wings and play the harp! But that's not what happens after you die! Everyone works! (Alisa laughs and glances at Brecken who smiles back. It's all very sweet.)

Jane: And you, Brecken, You're the hot, badboy. You even have a motorcycle? 

Alisa: Yes! Yes he does!

Brecken: Yeah, I have a bike and I'm not exactly bad. I just have a bad reputation.
Jane: And there is a reason for that, I presume?

Alisa: Yes! There is, but no one can know what it is! You'll have to wait and experience the story for yourself. But I promise it will be worth the wait!

Jane: Is that true, Brecken?

Brecken: Yeah, it's true. It's better if people don't know who I really am. Wouldn't want to die before my time.

Jane: What do you mean? Is there someone after you, who would do you harm?

Alisa: Um... we need to go now. (Alisa grabs Brecken and they hurry from the stage.)

Jane: Well, folks, that was quite the get-a-way. I'll guess we'll have to tune in later to find out what happens to Brecken and Alisa in... Reluctant Guardian. All right then. 

Our next guests come from a land, far, far away in Terratir! Let's welcome Zach and his sister, Lauren Marriott, and the cast from The Eye of Tanub!

*Clapping and cheering from audience*

Lauren and Zach sit in the chairs next to Jane, smiling. Dardanos comes in next and sits beside Lauren. He is wearing the typical armor of a seasoned warrior from the land of Terratir.

Flitwicket the priestess follows and The Warlord marches in behind.

Jane: Welcome everyone! Let's start with Zach and Lauren since this is mostly their story. Lauren, tell us why you started a diary that recounts your amazing story in the land of Terratir.

Lauren: Well, it's what happens when everyone thinks you're nuts. I had to go to a therapist because no one believed my story of actually going into Zach's stupid Warlord game. But it happened! It was real and here are the people to prove it. (she gestures to Dardanos, Flitwicket and the Warlord. Flit smiles and waves at the audience and the Warlord glares, folding his arms over his massive chest and looks away.)

So, the therapist told me to write it all down. I think he was hoping to prove I was crazy.

Jane: Right. Okay. Zach?

Zach: Oh my gosh! It was the coolest thing ever! I found a ruby medallion next to my computer and it totally took us into my game. It was magic. Totally magic!

Jane: That is amazing! So you were there for two weeks or so, questing with these friends?

Lauren: Yes, but it was all an accident. I wasn't supposed to go with Zach, I don't think, and I didn't want to be there at first. There were monsters and creatures that could kill you at every turn! We were assigned really hard quests, and I almost screwed everything up, over and over! (she laughs and Dardanos takes her hand, looking longingly into her eyes)

Dardanos: She never ruined anything. She made the adventure complete.

(Zach leans away, sticks his finger in his mouth, and makes a gagging noise)

Flitwicket: It was a wonderful experience. The first moment I laid eyes on these two beautiful children, I knew we were meant to know one another. I have treadured the time we spend on our quest for the Eye of Tanub. I will never forget it.

Zach: Flit's my priestess. (Zach pipes in) She was the first character I made on the game. She has all sorts of cool powers to heal and stuff.

Jane: Oh?

Zach: Yeah, and then I made Dardanos. He's a warrior with really cool armor that I picked out myself. I didn't create the Warlord though. He was already a part of the game. You know, to be the bad guy.

Warlord: I am NOT the bad guy! All I wanted was to live in peace in Terratir, garnering the riches and knowledge the Eye of Tanub could bring me! (He cries out with righteous indignation!)

Lauren: And making people kill for you and be your slaves. (she mumbles)

The Warlord jumps up with a growl and leaps for Lauren. Dardanos jumps between them, shoving the Warlord back. Dardanos pulls out his sword and and everyone freezes in astonishment.

Jane: Um, I think it's time for a commercial break.

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