Meet Author Amanda Strong

Meet Author Amanda Strong

Hi all! So I got thinking.  What would happen if the heroines from both of my series met?  Mm…

Eden (Awakener):  Samantha, why do you let fear run your life?  You need to believe in yourself more.

Samantha (Hidden Monster):  That’s easier for you to say, you weren’t abducted and tied up in a cabin.  Not everything is roses, Eden.  Believing in yourself won’t untie ropes
Eden: True.  I may not have been kidnapped, but I’ve had my fair share of freaky things too. 
Samantha:  Scarier than a monster taking you promising you’ll fall in love with him one day? 

Eden:  I may not have a psycho-path trying to get me to fall for him, but try having a demon crawl out from underneath your bed.   I’ve been almost torn to shreds by my ‘monsters’ and if I didn’t have an angel watching out for me, I would not be standing here today.  Just know you’re never alone, Samantha.  Remembering that helps me not be afraid (Shrugs) and leaving lights on when I sleep.

Samantha:  I wish I could chase away my demons with a lamp.  You’re right about one thing, Eden, I’m never alone.  Just wish it were angel’s eyes following my every move.

Eden:   Trust me, I know the feeling more than you know.  Try having fallen angels stalking you. (Shivers).

Samantha:  Fallen angels?  Okay, maybe I’ll stop complaining. 

Eden (smiles):   The trick is, you’ve got to believe you are capable of so much more.  Everyone has gifts, abilities that can help them face their fears.

Samantha:  Man, I wish I had your outlook on life.  So full of hope.  One thing I’ve learned is you can trust no one.

Eden:  Then you’ll always live in fear.

Samantha (cocks head to side):  Fear is the one thing I trust.  

Want to know more about Hidden Monster?  

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“It was AWESOME, EXHILARATING!!!!!!!!!!! I’m speechless. Wow! The whole story line sucked me in. Author kept me on edge and kept me guessing who ‘Hidden Monster’ was. With every step of further reading my guess kept switching to different characters.” 
-Sneha Mohite's Reviews
I didn't know what to expect... The book far exceeded my expectations from the blurb, which is saying a lot as I read the blurb and started the book 5 minutes later ;)”
                                                                                                            -Crazy Bookworm Reviews

Releasing November 4th it’s now available for PRE-ORDER!
If angels and demons sparks your interest (I know it does mine!) then here’s more about The Awakener, book one in Watchers of Men Series.

Check out its revamped trailer!

I love books that draw me in from the first page and have me staying up late into the night to finish. I absolutely loved the uniqueness of the story and characters in the world Amanda has created. It was entertaining, fun, interesting, and had such an original story. I loved reading about all the characters even the minor ones. 

Reading about the ancient city Enoch was my absolute favorite part of this book… I highly recommend this book to everyone because it's just that amazing!” 
-Sabrina’s Paranormal Palace

Awakener is now FREE on Kindle Unlimited!
A little bit about me!  I’m obsessed with five things:
  1.     Reading
  2.   Writing
  3.   Michael Jackson
  4.   Ice Cream
  5.   Pretending I can dance like Michael Jackson

    Okay…maybe there are few other things in my life! 
Amanda has loved to spin tales since childhood.   It was not uncommon to find her hiding in some random corner, scribbling away in her spiral bound notebook, with her bright pink glasses.  You could say some things have not changed. 

Amanda signed with Clean Teen Publishing in the fall of 2013.  Her first novel, The Awakener, book one in a young adult paranormal romance series called: the Watchers of Men, came out in October of 2013. She is currently working on book two, The Holy and The Fallen, expected to come out in the early part of 2015.   Amanda’s newest creation, Hidden Monster, releases November 4th of 2014.  It is book one of a brand-new a young adult, sci-fi thriller series called Monsters Among Us.

When Amanda isn't writing, you can find her chasing her three rambunctious children around the house and spending time with her wonderful and supportive husband. On some occasions you can still find Amanda with her not-so-pink glasses, hiding in a corner reading her favorite young adult fantasy novels or working out only to blow her diet by eating ice cream. - See more at: 

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