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Thanks so much for the spotlight!

My first book, ANDROMEDA, was released in May & I’m overwhelmed by the response!  I am new to the book-marketing thing, so I’m just learning about book bloggers and reviewers – and just have to say that everyone in the book community, from other readers & writers to bloggers, has been so nice to me!  Should out to the writing & reading community!

Andromeda is not a cliffhanger, but I left plenty open and I didn’t think their story was complete.  Soooo – in November I release the second book in the series, Orion’s Curse!  I am so excited for you to see where these characters went.  Orion’s curse dives a little bit into the past of the main characters, and why they are the way they are.  Actually the past shows up to haunt a couple of the characters BIG TIME.  In fact, they can’t move forward until they deal with it.  Here’s the cover.

Orion’s Curse will be released on November 11th!  In the meantime, I’ll share a couple of my favorite teasers for the book.  It can be read as a stand alone, but Andromeda is free on amazon for a limited time – so you have time to pick that one up first if you want.

I have some news to announce too!  If you’re like me and hate waiting between books in a series I have good news for you!  I’m just about finished the third book in the series.  It’s called “The Scorpio Project” and I think it wraps things up nicely for these characters.  I’d originally planned on only the three, but I’ve got a lot of interest in writing a prequel to explain what happened in the beginning.  I might look into that.  I’m having a hard time letting these characters go!

About me:
I’ve always been a reader/writer/dreamer, but it took me a while to become serious about it.  I graduated with a history degree and worked in politics/government for a while.  Believe me, that was great for people watching.  I think I’ve always had stories inside me, though.  I’m not happy unless I’m writing.  So when my kids were born and I stayed home, I wrote through their naps. I cried when they gave up their naps!  But by that time, I knew there was no giving up.  They’re in school now, but I make time for it, every day if I can!

 Me at my book signing, and at Stephen King’s house last year J  What writers do on vacation, LOL!

5 Fun Facts about me:
-My mom’s side of the family is Amish.  My cousin lovingly refers to me as “Polish-Amish” in heritage.
-I’ve been knocking things off my bucket list for the last couple years.  One of my list items was to get to BEA (Book Expo America.)  I went last May and it was AMAZING.  I met so many cool authors and fan-girled out!
-I’ve always wanted a tattoo, but I’m too indecisive to stick to one design.  Comes from being a Libra, I think.
-I can’t wrap a present to save my life.
-I have a blog with my cousin where we talk about funny parenting and life moments.  It can be found at

Thanks so much for the spotlight, and here’s where you can find me!  I’d love to hear from you, and I welcome all comments!
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