Meet Author Sarah Hitchcock

Looks like it is my turn to take this page over, well first of all, I would like to thank you all for having me, and of course Apryl. Let me introduce you to a few people who you may get to know very well.

First of all meet Debbie Conway:

I am thirteen years old, and right now my world has been turned upside down. I cannot get the image of my mother’s death from my mind. I know my best friend; Wendy may think I am crazy, for slipping into my dream world, to be held in those arms. Arms that belonged to Joshua Lawson, the dreamiest guy I know. He may not be real, living in my dreams only, and the poster above my bed. Truth is, he is real, he is my favourite actor and I love his music. Wendy thinks I am crazy for living in my dreams, but it is the only place I feel safe. I can only take each day as they come, and I am grateful for Wendy having my back, and being there for me.

Meet Wendy Allan:

I am thirteen too, and best friend of Debbie, I moved into Karen’s old house. She is so horrible to her and well I know she can stand up for herself, but I cannot help but defend her. It’s the job of a best friend. I will always be there for her, and since that awful day when she witnessed the death of her mother, she has been lost, and if daydreaming was her way of coping, so be it. I know she will never get to meet him, so allowing her to dream is harming no one, is it? I love her like a sister, and we are as good as family, when my sister married her brother.

Meet Karen Langley:

I don’t know what is so special about turning thirteen, yes my party was the best, and by that I mean, I took my friends out for a meal. Yes I paid, but they were all there celebrating with me. Really, I wanted one person to be there with me, but I could not allow that, we were no longer friends and that was how it had to be. Besides, she had Wendy, and I had, them, my friends, the girls who were always there for me. And I could have any guy in the school I wanted, click my fingers and he would be mine. Everything in my life is perfect, almost. One person in my life, I wish would stay out, and that is my good old sister, Jackie.

Meet Simon Portman:

I have been at this school for many years and watched the girls with interest, girls like Karen I have no interest in. She is one girl I would never date, Wendy on the other hand, I have had a soft spot since the day I met her. Yet, she has not once looked at me, no girls do. I love coming to school, being at home is depressing, I know my mother does everything she can to take care of me, but being an only child, I craved having a sibling. I have friends, but not one I could call my best friend, that was, until Mark arrived.

Meet Mark Hobson:

I may have been born in American, but moving to the UK had been my idea, at thirteen, I had made my choice. I did not want to attend boarding school back home. It was not like my parents would visit me there or in the UK. Not while they were on tour, and they were a big hit. It seemed they were not going to stop anytime soon. I was proud of them, but wished they had more time for me, their son. My cousin to me, seemed to get the attention I should have had been getting. So moving to the UK to stay with my grandparents was the best move. And after a week or so of being here, I knew it had been. When I saw her, I knew I had made the right choice.

Meet Joshua Lawson:

I am having the time of my life, and all thanks to my cousin, getting me the audition for Victor, he should have tried out too, but of course he had been far too young at the time. He lived in my shadow and I was more than happy to let him stay there. This was my time to shine, not his. And having him sent to the UK may have not been my idea, but it was the best solution all around. Now I could take my place by their side and be the son they wanted, not the one that did not stand tall and show them exactly who he was.

Apryl Baker

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