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Gail Wagner's newest project, Book one of the Dream Walker Chronicles, Let Her Sleep, will be released October 27 and will be available for pre-orders soon!  It was a featured novel on Wattpad (under the title Dream Walkers) and stayed at number one in paranormal for over a month...twice!  You can still read part of it there if you'd like to check it out! 

Interview with Cordy and Reid

Interviewer:  I’d like to welcome Cordelia Jameson and Reid Shaw from the
book Let Her Sleep.

Cordy: Cordy

Interviewer: I’m sorry?

Cordy: It’s Cordy.  No
one calls me Cordelia.

Interviewer: Oh, I’m sorry.

Reid: That’s not true. 
Noelle does sometimes.

Interviewer: Who’s Noelle?

Cordy: My best friend, since forever.  And I’ll have you know she gets in trouble
for it too.

Reid: Never said she didn’t, just pointing out that someone
does call you that.

Interviewer: Whoa, let’s uh, get back to the interview guys.

Cordy: Sorry.

Interviewer: No worries. 
So, tell me about yourself.

Cordy:  Well…I like to
paint and draw…that’s pretty much it.

Reid: Whatever.  She’s
super smart too.  And when she says she
likes to draw, what she means is that she’s an amazing artist.  Her paintings almost look like photographs.

Cordy: Look who’s talking! 
You’ve had a personal tutor for your entire life.  You’ve probably had the equivilant of a
couple years of college already. 

Interviewer: How did you two meet?

Cordy: In my dreams.

Interviewer: That’s so sweet.

Cordy: No I mean literally in my dreams.  He pulled me from the wreckage of a crash in
one of my nightmares and he just kept coming back.

Reid: Well yeah.  I
had to, it was my job.

Cordy: Are you saying you didn’t want to come see me?

Reid:  No, not at
all!  I loved seeing you, I just mean
that…oh nevermind.

Cordy: *giggles* He’s just embarrassed because he didn’t
recognize me in the real world, even after he made out with me.  Instead he spent several days flirting with
every girl in the school.

Reid: Hey, I was not flirting!  And you weren’t supposed to recognize me
either…how was I supposed to know that you could do that?  It’s not like that’s the norm.

Cordy: Okay, I think we’ve established I’m a little
weird.  Thanks for that.

Reid: *sighs* You’re doing this on purpose.

Cordy: I don’t know what you mean…

Reid: Sometimes I miss your quiet side.

Interviewer: You have a quiet side?

Reid: I know, it’s hard to believe sometimes, huh?  That was part of the problem I had finding
her.  She’s shy and kind of mousy at

Cordy: Yeah, well, that’s what happens when you find out
your whole life has been a lie.  I
couldn’t let myself get walked on anymore.

Interviewer: So what’s next for the two of you?

Cordy: Well, we’ve got a couple more books coming so there’s
a lot more to come.  I make some new
friends and Reid here gets close and personal with Bridget.

Reid: That is so not fair. 
I’d much rather be hanging out with you and the others.

Cordy: I don’t think you’re their type…

Interviewer: So can you tell me anything?  Give me a little hint of what to expect?

Cordy:  Not
really.  Let’s just say both of us start
to question things we thought we knew.

Interviewer: I guess I’ll have to be happy with that for
now.  Thank you for talking to us
today.  Any last words?

Cordy: Um, go check out our book.  I think it’s pretty awesome!

Reid: Yeah, what she said.

Gail Wagner lives in the Four Corners area with her (very patient) husband, their three children, and a big black cat.

She is repped by Serendipity Literary Agency and is currently working on multiple projects because that's just how she rolls.  :)  Her first novel Army of Sorrow, was published in 2013 and is currently undergoing revisions.

If you'd like to read more, her novel Curiosity Killed the Crow is partially up on Wattpad as well.  Check it out here!

To learn more about Gail and her books go to

Stalk her on:
Twitter: @WagnerGail

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