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It’s the weekend and all of my books are ON SALE!!!
But first I’m here to say hi and tell you about SIX DATES WITH JENNA.

Jenna is a down-to-earth teenager from Zigzag, Oregon (THAT IS A REAL PLACE! GOOGLE IT!), a tiny dot of a town tucked in the Oregon Cascade Mountains under the amazing profile of Mt. Hood (A REAL VOLCANO! GOOGLE IT!). A flash flood brings her a very special treasure—world-famous teen actor Johnny Everett! He’s staying in a vacation home on the river and his life is in danger. Always the hero onscreen, but in a real-life flood situation he’s completely out of his element. But Jenna swoops in and saves him, and they and Jenna’s parents spend the next four days cut off from the world in their rural cabin with no power, no running water. *FUN TIMES!* Jenna discovers his real name is Logan, that he has his own dreams that doesn’t include being an actor, and Logan gets a much-needed break from his action-packed life as a much sought-after Hollywood actor. They bond over homemade food, collecting eggs for breakfast, and fun times in her tree house. Wah wah wah.

Then the real world swoops in and takes Logan away, but Logan and Jenna’s bond has been forged. Over the next two years, the two maintain a secret relationship, sneaking past the media and Logan’s parents, enduring loneliness, distance, and at least two monumental life-changing events to see each other another five times before they can finally be together. 

Set in the woods of Oregon, the hills of Los Angeles, and a particularly beautiful beach in Thailand, SIX DATES WITH JENNA is a contemporary upper-YA romance. 

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MY GIVEAWAYS: I will be sending one lucky winner Jenna’s bracelet! I made this bracelet to match the one she has in the book, the same one she adds charms to as the book progresses, so I don’t want to spoil the ending TOO much, but some of you might have eagle eyes and will be able to glean some hints from this photo. I’m also giving away a signed copy of SIX DATES WITH JENNA, so good luck! 

So who am I?

I was born in Southern Illinois and had a very charmed childhood, which of course  included posing nude in a red tub in the backyard. YEAH, BABY!! (I knew my life was going somewhere with an auspicious start like this.)
We had WAY too many cats and gardens and flower bushes and sassafras trees and bike rides and lightning bugs and I spent all of my time drawing and reading and sewing and then more reading and more drawing, you get the picture. 

So… college happened and that jazz, the highlights were moving to Seattle and eventually getting married to a man named Charley. *YEAH* I wrote newspapers for a living when I wasn’t pulling espresso or making sandwiches for people with real jobs, and then….. duh duh DUHHHHHHHHHHHH……….


Our girlies were both born in China (IT’S ALSO A REAL PLACE! JUST LIKE ZIGZAG!) and this was us in China in 2006 on Mary Pearl’s adoption trip (she’s the little on the left crying her brains out). Big Sister Emily Rose came home in 2004. 

China is a pretty freaking amazing place to visit. Our first trip was nerve-wracking. We traveled with a handful of families, though, which was awesome, and our guide helped make sure we were where we needed to be when we needed to be there.

But on our second trip, we traveled alone, discovered cool places all on our own, barely used our guide except for the adoption proceedings, and had such a fantastic time it was like a VACATION, (and we don’t get many VACATIONS, so hell-to-the-yawwww!!!!!!).

(My girls are so tall now!) O_O

So NOW what am I doing?

I. AM. WRITING!!!!!!

SIX DATES WITH JENNA was the third book I published, after STOLEN SPRING and THE MISFORTUNE OF THE EMERALD THIEF. And my short story GOBLIN MOON

I completely suck and drive my mentor-writer-friends crazy because I will not stick with one genre!! This is what happens when it’s a free world and a person likes to write a lot of different things… their Amazon page is just all over the place. LMAO I’m all like…..


THE MISFORTUNE OF THE EMERALD THIEF and GOBLIN MOON are both fantasies. GOBLIN MOON is a sweet little story about goblins and babies and promises made to the fickle moon above. THE MISFORTUNE OF THE EMERALD THIEF is a full-length novel that I’m calling a “middle-grade adventure” but is a book that is enjoyed by adults too. It’s sort of this wonderful mix of fantastical elements from nature and magic and even a budding romance between our hero Denim and his adorable friend Calliope. dawwww……… (Denim’s little sister Ravenna keeps it from getting too mushy!)
And then there’s my Elliot Lake Mystery Series. STOLEN SPRING is out, DROWNING SUMMER is out next month, and then FALL OF THE COVE and WINTER REVEALED will follow. More fantastical elements draped over Elliot’s sarcastic world he’s created for himself on the Oregon Coast.
I tend to stick to the Pacific Northwest when I write. I love the forests and the ocean and the laid-back lifestyle. It’s raining as I type this and will rain for another six months.

Have a wonderful rest of your October!

I know we’re excited about Halloween coming. In my house I will have a little cowgirl and a slightly bigger candy corn witch, and plenty of candy. But the girls spend most of their time doing gymnastics in the living room, so the sugar is not a problem around here! You all keep reading and I’ll keep writing and I hope you have time to check out my books, because readers are AWESOME!!

To contact me? That’s easy… I’m everywhere with the CynthiaLMoyer:

Apryl Baker

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