Meet Author Ashley Suzanne

Hey guys!!  My name's Ashley Suzanne and I'm gonna take you through a quick ride of my currently published New Adult novels!!!

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away ... well, it's not really far, far away.  It's right up the road from me in Ann Arbor, Michigan (GO BLUE).  Okay ... where was I?  Oh, yeah, I remember.  Once upon a time, there were a group of friends ...

 Mira Adams

Mira fell hard core in love with Danny during their freshman year of college.  

 Danny Thomas

The two were insepreable, except for when Mira moved in with her best friend Kylee and Danny was with his childhood partner in crime, Skylar.  

 Kylee Anderson

College flew by, and as the group was getting ready to embark on the new path their lives were going, tragedy hit and knocked everyone on their asses.

 Skylar McBride

Luckily, with the three remaining friends, and a new edition (Jacoby Roberts), the bonds that were tested to the extreme persevere.

 Jacoby Roberts

Mirage, Book one in The Destined Series, was my debut novel and might have coined me the nickname of "Queen of MindFuck".  I wear that title with pride and these characters all mean so much to me.  Without them, I would have never made it to where I am today.  I owe them everything.

Now, after I finished The Destined Series, I got in my head that I needed to write a fighter.  You know, the strong, aggressive, take you to the mat, cocky as hell attitude ... you know exactly where I'm going with this ... or do you?!?!  What's my title again?  Yeah, don't get too ahead of yourself.  I'm kinda known for throwing a twist or two in there!!

In Raven, a stand alone NA novel, you meet my favorite heroine ever, Rian Fields.  This poor girl has had everything short of a coma (wink wink) thrown at her, but she pushes through.  She does have a weak spot though (I mean, don't we all) and his name is Garrett.  Talk about a sweet country boy that has moves like Jagger <--- Can I say that?  Oh, well, I just did!

I'm done talking about them ... just watch the trailer for Raven and you tell me what YOU think about this sexy, angsty, I want to be fucked like that duo!

NOW!!!  My newest baby!!!  Calling Card ... HOLY FUCK ME STUPID ... Dexter MacFadden stole my heart from word one ... he's the biggest asshole, yet the kindest person you'll ever meet.  He'll have you walking weird for a few days, but give you the shirt off his back .. SWOOOOOON.

He's got a bit of a hang up going on ... Women are nothing but numbers to him ... No, I'm being totally serious here ... He rates them ... like a review on a 1-10 scale ... Who does that kinda shit?

Dexter - Ummmm yeah, I did that.  I'm the kind of person that does that.

Leave it to him to come here and disrupt my post.  I swear, I finished this book like 3 weeks ago, and he won't leave me alone.  I can't even start another project because he won't shut up.

Dexter - I don't remember you asking me to shut up when I was *winks* you know ...

*blushes*  Dex, seriously love, just stop.  Let me finish this post .. I'm almost done.  Just a few more words about Calling Card and then I'm all yours.

Dexter - Who hasn't read it yet?  You gave them what they wanted didn't you?  You told the story like I said to, right?  I swear, Ashley, if you fucked this up I'm gonna mark that ass of yours.

Yes, Dex, I did exactly what you asked.  I gave them all the different sides of you.  I showed you evolving in to a decent human being ...

Dexter - The fuck do you mean "decent human being" ... I've always been decent

Sweetie, I don't mean any disrespect, but you were kind of an asshole.  You were out there fucking bitches all over the world and leaving a business card with a number on the back, rating them on their skills in the bedroom ... that's not really decent.

Dexter - I stopped didn't I?  I turned my ass around right?  And I didn't see you complaining when I left a 10 on your nightstand.

Okay, Dexter ... we're done ... go back to your business ... I have to try to write something new.

Dexter - I fill you in later about all my business ... Briar's calling anyway.

Well, tell her I said hey ... oh .. and all you readers who were just bothered by our sidebar, pick up Calling Card!!!

Thanks for letting me hang out for a bit and I can't wait to hear what you guys think!!

Apryl Baker

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