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Welcome, welcome everyone! My name is Lottie, and I have with me today Arcadia Day and Bastian Night from the Arcadia series by Jesi Lea Ryan. Uh, I just realized your last names are night and day...

Cady: Yeah, I know. But I was born with my last name. Bastian’s is just a stage name. He chose Night because he thinks it makes him sound all mysterious.

Bastian: Not mysterious. It looks good on the club marquis.

Lottie: That’s right. You’re a performer. A magician?

Bastian: *grins* Something like that.

Cady: He’s a magician who cheats. 

Bastian: It’s not cheating to use my kinetic abilities to manipulate objects. If anything, all of those other guys using sleight-of-hand are the cheaters. What I do is real.

Lottie: Well, it sounds fascinating. I’m truly envious of your psychic gifts, both of you. Cady, I understand you’re an empath.

Cady: *shifts uncomfortably in her chair* Yeah, but really, it’s nothing to be envious over. Sometimes I wish it would go away and let me be normal again.

Lottie: Really? I’d think having the ability to heal people would be wonderful.

Cady: It is! Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound ungrateful. Yes, helping others is amazing. Recently, I brought a man back from liver failure. He was well on his way to a transplant, but with my help, the organ was able to heal. I can’t tell you how much that means to me. But there are drawbacks. Living with the ability to feel the emotions of others takes a lot out of me. Not to mention, I’ve had more than one issue with people trying to take advantage of my healing.

Bastian: I won’t let that happen again. Remember, we look out for each other.

Cady: Yeah, I know. I appreciate your help, but I’m learning to watch out for myself now.

Lottie: I’ve read that you two are very close and protective of each other. Do I sense a romance here?

Bastian: Not a chance.

Cady: As if!

Lottie: *laughs* Sorry I asked.

Cady: No, it’s cool. We get asked that all the time. We’re just really close friends. We met at a time when we were both going through a lot, and I guess we bonded. I think our age gap stopped us from ever thinking about more. Seven years to an eighteen-year-old is huge. Now, I just think of him as another brother. 

Lottie: Do you feel the same way, Bastian? Like siblings?

Bastian: Sure. Cady’s right about the age gap. She was jailbait when we met. I’m not into that. Besides, I’m pretty sure her boyfriend would try to kick my ass if I made a move on her, and I wouldn’t want to mess up his pretty face.

Cady: *unintelligible groan*

Lottie: Well, if you aren’t dating each other, who are you seeing?

Cady: I have a boyfriend, but I promised him I wouldn’t talk about him today. He’s a little shy with the media.

Lottie: Bastian?

Bastian: I’m too busy to date.

Cady: More like too stubborn to settle for anyone.

Bastian: I’m just keeping my options open.

Lottie: So let’s talk about the books bring written about your life, Cady. I understand the last book in the Arcadia series, Arcadia’s Choice, recently released. How does it feel to have your life written about?

Cady: When Jesi, the author, first asked me if she could write about me, I was shocked. Who wants to read about an ordinary girl from Iowa? But the more I got to know her I knew I could trust her with my story. She even gave me veto power to delete scenes if I thought they invaded my privacy too much.

Lottie: And did you have to veto things?

Cady: No, not much. Jesi’s very respectful. I worried about what she would write about my family, but she handled our problems in this way that was both honest and sensitive. It was Bastian who used the veto. He made her swear she wouldn’t write anything about his love life.

Lottie: And why is that?

Bastian: No one’s business. Until I meet my forever person, I’m not talking.

Lottie: Fair enough. So what’s next for you?

Cady: Even though Jesi’s basically done writing my story, I feel like my life is just beginning, you know? I’m in college and working, and I’m helping people...

Bastian: You’re happy.

Cady: Yeah...I’m happy.

Lottie: Well, thank you for talking with me today. Before we go, can you tell us where readers can go to read your story?

Cady: Sure! See the links below.

The Arcadia Series by Jesi Lea Ryan

Apryl Baker

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