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Hi, there! I’m B.L. Berry and I am thrilled to be a part of the 2014 YA/NA Blogfest. It has been exactly two weeks since my life flipped upside-down when I released my debut novel, Love Nouveau, to rave reviews. This NA romance is all about owning your flaws, the inconvenience of falling in love, and trusting your instincts.


The only thing inevitable in love
is despair.

I knew from the start that he would wreck me.
Nothing could have prepared me for the day he walked into my life ...
or the day he walked out of it.

I self-destructed.

All that remained was a shell of the girl I once was.

And I don't know if I'll ever recover.


My leading man, Phoenix Wolfe, is quickly making his way up the book boyfriend ranks. He is beyond thoughtful, patient and always seems to know what Ivy needs before she even realizes it. Phoenix has graciously agreed to answer a few fan submitted questions for the 2014 YA/NA Blogfest.

Q: What did you feel when you saw Ivy for the first time? Was it love at first sight?
Phoenix: Love at first sight? Nah … I’m not convinced that kind of insta-love you hear about in Hollywood or read in romance novels actually exists. My feelings for her started as a slow burn but over time turned into a raging wildfire. But when I saw Ivy walk into that crowded kitchen during the party, every fiber of my being ached to know her … the real her.

Q: If you could change anything about Ivy, what would it be?
Phoenix: Honestly? There’s not much I’d change about her. Ivy is a confident young woman who is sure about who she is and what she wants out of life. She wears her flaws on her sleeve and I really admire that about her. Ivy is everything I want in a girlfriend, and everything I want to be as a person … you know, except for the whole being a girl part. If I had to pick something, I’d say her family. She deserves so much better than what they’re offering her. But in the end, Ivy didn’t pick who she was born to, just like I didn’t have any choice in falling in love with her.

Q: You are certainly loyal to your friend Sully. How did you two meet?
Phoenix: Sully and I grew up on the same street when we were kids. As my family fell apart, his essentially took me in. He was a good kid. Made some questionable choices growing up, but didn’t really begin to derail until we had gone our separate ways in college. Deep down I’d like to believe that there’s still a good kid in there. But I really don’t want to think about that bastard right now.

Q: Okay, moving on then. How’d you pull off the surprise in New York?
Phoenix: [laughs.] Never underestimate the power of my boyish charm and a little bit of flattery.

Q: Do you think you’re worthy of Ivy?
Phoenix: I know I’m not. Don’t get me wrong … I live for that girl and would do anything for her, but she can do so much better than me and I selfishly hope she never realizes that. Each morning I wake up trying my damnedest to be the kind of guy she deserves. But I fear that when she learns the truth she is going to leave me high and dry. Even so, my fear will never stop me from at least trying to be worthy of her love.


B.L. Berry is many things. A New Adult author. A self-proclaimed music whore. A long-course triathlete. A marketing savant. And a full-time working mom. While there are never enough hours in the day, she does the best she can to get things done and hopes for technological advances in human cloning.

When she’s not hiding behind her computer writing, you can find her spending time with her family or catching up on her favorite TV shows. Rumor has it she’ll sleep when she’s dead.

She is Canadian by birth. Mexican by marriage. Chicagoan by heart. Kansan by choice. Jayhawk purely by common sense.

Residing outside of Kansas City, she lives with her husband, two children and black pug. Each day her family thanks the makers of e-Readers, because without which they would be living amongst stacks and stacks of romance novels. Conversely, each day B.L. Berry thanks the makers of e-Readers for hiding her book-hoarding tendencies.

To learn more about B.L. Berry, visit


Twitter – @BLBerryWrites

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