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~~I am Hally Willmott author of The Elemental Series~~

I would like to introduce you to the cast of characters within my series

Hoping that I now have you wanting to see how the characters fit the book...

~Here is a sneak peek of Book 2.5~

My breath caught as an unknown feeling
pressed against my chest and caused a scarily familiar stirring in my lower
regions.  I hadn't allowed myself to want
or feel for such a long time.  However,
this sensation I’d felt a number of times...but never this strong without
taking what I wanted.

I was perplexed, how was I to come to
grips with it.  A rush of memories flowed
through me, giving me ideas on how and where I should take her and what I
should do to her.  If I were a
fundamentalist of the teachings of the Sunamars - which of course I was not - I
would have an unnerving need to report this to Seoms - my group commander.  That of course is what I as a 'Keeper'  am expected to do when I experience emotions.  As a species we must record, categorize and  protect the history of all without the luxury
of feeling or experiencing any type of emotion or experience.

As a society we have never born any kind
of sentiment. We have been the safeguard for every being’s greatest achievement
and deepest secret since the beginning of time. 
We are the ones bequeathed with the gift of non worry, un-cause for concern
or judgement.  We place the momentous
occasions and the failures within our archives without a secondary glance to
either.  We guard them.  We are the chosen.....the ones who have been
forsaken.  To live lives others would see
as passionless, worthless, mind-numbing.

They are correct in a sense.  We have no ties to others.  We are supposed to have no familial
attachments.  We are the species of
beings who have been bestowed the gift of non emotion - however, I am the
divergent within my society.  I am

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  1. Looking forward to answering questions tonight! Here is the linkto the facebook event!!/events/590829051045526/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

  2. This sounds like a good series :) My daughter & I share the same love of books & I know she'll love it too!!!