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      Caught in an inter-dimensional battle for Earth, a young dragon priestess volunteers to leave her realm, to restore the original plan for Earth, and save those she has never met. To hide who she is Shion is stripped of her memory before she shifts into the realm of man. Now an orphan, she is taken into a family, feeling as if she has awakened into a horrible dream, where believing in magic is punishable by death. 
Recurring visions of a white wizard, sends impetuous Shion sneaking out at night to meet with a faerie witch for answers and is surprised to see the incredibly handsome Ryven Blackmore, who had caught her swimming naked that very day!   
A week later she is forced to flee, avoiding implication in witchery. Traveling alone she is attacked by the Dark One who had followed her through the dimensions, still bent on possessing her and the Crystal Key. As luck would have it, or was it? Ryven rides up on his black stallion and saves her for the second time taking her to a gypsy caravan with a palm reading, pipe smoking, gypsy sorceress.
With the gypsies, Shion falls head long into every girl’s dream, of owning that magical horse. But, this horse carries a secret, key to her quest, the secret of Dragonhorse. But, before this horse can help her, she must save him from death.
Not all is as it seems, and the forbidden realm of dragons and witches sends her into a heart wrenching journey that brings her to the precipice of death. The only thing that can save her and the world is her undying love for the horse.
A fairytale with a mix of Black Beauty, Flicka and Lord of the Rings! A surprising read with a fresh twist on fantasy, a tragic, yet magical story, beautifully and believably written. This gripping saga will spellbind you from the first page and keep you guessing to the last. Harry Potter with horses!

Dragonhorse and Seeker of the Forgotten Knowledge is the 1st of my Saga which I refer to as my Gypsy/Celtic fairy tale .  Einstein once said, “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.

I am a Visionary Fiction author, a new age of writer sharing my truth as a responsible way-shower to a better world through what they write.  

Besides telling a good story Visionary Fiction enlightens and encourages the reader to expand their awareness of greater possibilities. Visionary Fiction can have many sub-genres, like fantasy and magical realism.

How does one go about choosing to write Visionary Fiction? I think it chooses you; it is something already inside you. But, what do you write about when every word has already been written and every thought has already been thought? Like JRR Tolkien and JM Barrie and CS Lewis, you write about the experiences life has brought you, and if all fails channel it, which I have done in this book but we tweaked it a little by adding a little fantasy and magical realism. 

So, for me my writing career began the day I was born, because I was born an Empath. Empaths are highly intuitive and very creative creatures. Empaths are very sensitive to the environment and are in tune with our planet; some empath’s like me can see natural disasters before they happen. The worst thing about being an Empath is we can feel others emotions including their pain and illnesses and sometimes taking then in as our own. There are many people walking around today who have no clue they are Empaths and end up being misunderstood and labeled as over emotional, introverted, clinically depressed and so on. 

The tag line at the top of my book says, “What if who you are is punishable by death” this refers to a time. not too long and is still happening in some countries around us today, of how people much like me  were tortured,  burned at the stake, drowned, hung etc.
The heroine of the story Shion was born much like me, and in her world, she is relentlessly pursued to be put to death for her gifts. 

 Because I was “different” I was shy and introverted so I grew up spending a lot of time in my room reading. I loved horse books and fairytales and I dreamed of being just like the woman who lived alone in the woods healing all the sick animals . . .  especially horses which are very special to me, horses and birds. Since Empaths are highly sensitive it makes them natural healers and so I became obsessed about finding out any information on healing and was lead to the world of metaphysics and began my journey to become a healer of animals. I know how it feels to ride on the back of a horse that I  helped to survive cancer after he was given only  8  months to live I know how it feels to have a bird or falcon awaken and lift easily from my hand after crashing headlong into one of my windows.  It is the feeling of bliss that follows after using my given abilities sometimes referred to as magic. All of which has inspired this story.

The word Magic today is sometimes misunderstood and what I speak of has nothing whatsoever to do with magician’s magic or Hollywood Hocus Pocus. Simply put, magic is to make a change in your own or someone’s life by using mere thoughts and intention, accompanied by an unending belief; something which we all have the ability to do.

There are two things I have learned on my journey from childhood to adulthood,
1- Most of what I was told is true . . .  is not,
2- Most of what I was told wasn’t true . . . is. 

Shion learns this on her quest into the realm of forbidden magic, and she will be guided by wise and interesting way showers, but her greatest teachers will be the horse and the dragon; both symbolic of life, death and resurrection, something which Shion will have to face and conquer in order to fulfill her destiny.   

In essence this book is about reconnecting to and bringing back balance to our living, breathing, planet and all her natural realms. It is about being part of something bigger, and inspiring others to awaken to the truth to who they are, and that wonderful journey to self-discovery. 

We live in a world wanting instant gratification and instant gain, and are rushing ourselves to our graves, yet most of us haven’t really lived.

A wise gypsy woman, a beloved character of my book said, “Never rush the journey of life for that is the best part.”

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