Meet Author Patrick Frievald

Ani Romero should be your typical high school junior. She's smart, well-liked, plays sports, hangs with friends, and tries desperately not to let on how big a crush she has on Mike Brown.

No, wait. That was two years ago. Mike won't talk to her, his girlfriend wants her dead, and Ani hasn't seen the turf-side of a soccer field in far too long. Forced by her controlling mother to join the emo crowd, she hates the black clothes and woe-is-me, depressing outlook on life. She hates the music, and her new friends are neither nice nor friendly.

Problem is, when you're dead and contagious and still walking around, the black helicopters will swoop in and incinerate you, and anyone unlucky enough to be too close. And Ani died at fourteen, with only her mother's serum keeping her from becoming a mindless creature intent on nothing but eating her friends. The wigs and heavy makeup of her new crowd make the perfect cover, until her mother can find a cure.

The only zombie at Ohneka Falls High School, she tries to fit in with a crowd she doesn't understand, and tries to make Mike understand without revealing any of the truth. It's not working.

Add to that Dylan, emo creeper extraordinaire, obsessed with death and dying, who gets a clue that Ani may be more than she seems. As Dylan's obsession turns violent and her mother goes to insane extremes to keep their secret, everything threatens to unravel.

Hi, everybody! I'm Patrick Freivald, and according to most of my students there's something very, very wrong with my brain. I hope you agree, and enjoy it as much as my readers have.

Thank you, Apryl, for letting me be a part of your Blog Fest!

Apryl Baker

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