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Christy Sloat talks about her newest YA contemporary romance novel, Who We Were 
and how it’s differs from her Bestselling YA Thriller, The Brown House
About the book
Who We Were by Christy Sloat
Published 9/15/2014
Publisher: Anchor Group Publishing
 “Who we were had washed away with the summer. Who we are was yet to be seen.”
Summer school at Alcott High was only supposed to gain Sadie Peters extra credit, nothing more. Her goal wasn’t to make friends, or gain the attention of the most popular football player, yet she managed both. Her life was cruising along on course … until that summer.
Could a simple stint in a different school change her identity completely and introduce her to love for the first time? How would that affect her relationship with Lily, her best friend?
Hopefully their friendship was strong enough to make it through the tumultuous summer. Sadie learns that great things come with change, but sometimes memories of the past are hardest to part with.

Christy Sloat wrote her first book when she was twelve but she  doesn't think it should count because she was so young. She always wanted to write novels but it wasn’t really possible until she quit her job in 2010 to raise her youngest daughter. She went on to write three novels and found her publisher, Anchor Group, who published them in 2011 and 2012.

Her newest novel, Who We Were is much different from her first two series because
this book is strictly contemporary and has absolutely no paranormal in it.
Something Christy swore she could never do. Her first series, The Past Lives, was
her on take reincarnation, angels and demons. The second series, The Visitors, was
based on real stories Christy’s husband and his family told her about the home
he grew up in.

“It was a very haunted house,” Christy explains. “I listened to the stories of this
house for years and one day decided I would write a book about the haunted happenings. It’s definitely creepy because most of the things that happen to my character,
Brylee, happened to someone in the family.” The house still stands today in her
New Jersey neighborhood. 

“I always had something paranormal in my books and then one day I got the idea to
write a book about a young girl who just wants to start over and reinvent herself
while she has the chance,” Christy says. “It was something that happened to me
between junior and senior year. I started summer school at a different school
and I reinvented myself. I felt it was important to show teens that it’s
possible to be someone new if you want it bad enough.”

If you’re looking for a great YA romance get Who We Were. If you’re a fan of Sarah
Dessen, Jenny Han and Huntley Fitzpatrick you’ll love Christy’s newest book.

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Based on actual events in a house that really exists in New Jersey. Dive into the Bestselling Visitors Series now, we dare you!
The Brown House(book one)
The Crimson Key(book two)
The White Door(book three)
 To say that I loved this book is totally an understatement.  The character of Brylee fits her role perfectly. Her character had a positive self image, something that being popular had nothing to do with. I thought the positive messages of peer pressure and being content in your own skin were totally great. If you're looking for a great scary read, with a fast-paced, visually stimulating plot that will have your heart pounding and even the hair on the back of your neck standing up just a bit, then pick up The Brown House by Christy Sloat.
-Reviewed by Brenda Casto for Readers' Favorite

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