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What are your top five favorite things in the world? Do your items on the list change regularly? … Monthly? … Daily? …

My list changes often, but here are five things that I’m in LOVE with today:

*** NUMBER ONE ***
I love chocolate Haagen-Dazs.

*** NUMBER TWO ***

I love my dogs: Black Sabbath and Rascal Flatts


I love a good thriller. One that makes me stay up late to read and makes me read faster so I can find out what’s going to happen next. A recent one I read was: I HUNT KILLERS by Barry Lyga. A great book – but it was gruesome, so if that bothers you, don’t pick it up!


I am in love with my debut novel, WHO R U REALLY? … which just launched last month! The School Library Journal said this book is “Guaranteed to give readers goosebumps.” … YAY! I love a good thriller. … Oh, wait, I already said that above in number three. Here’s the creepy cover to tempt your curiosity:

And here are the links to grab a copy of WHO R U REALLY? for yourself:
Merit Press


I love my family. They are freaking awesome. Ha. This picture of my kids is seventeen years old. YIKES. Where’d the time go?

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What are your top five favorite things (today)?

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