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Hey Everyone!

I'm so excited to be part of Apryl's awesome YA/NA Blogfest!

And I'm beyond thrilled that my first ever YA, Eventide, is releasing today! It's the first in my Iron Falls series - think vicious, murdering know...snogging.

But here's a little bit more about the book.

The driver in a tragic car accident
that killed her best friend, Devon Greer is consumed by guilt. When powerful
hallucinations convince her that she’s seeing Rachael everywhere, Devon thinks
she’s going crazy. But her friend isn’t truly gone.

To save Rachael from the faeries who
stole her, Devon must pit herself against the Court of the Sidhe. Once she witnesses
the true form of the fey, Devon’s life is in danger—and so are the lives of
everyone she loves. 

Now, Devon must not only protect
herself, but also Jonah Seafort, Rachael’s cousin and the only person Devon can
trust to help her. While the Sidhe walk among them, no one is safe…

You can find the ebook at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. And you can find the print book at Amazon

Aaaaand here's my shiny new book trailer! 

Don't forget about the amazing giveaways Apryl has going on at My Crazy Corner Blogfest! There are some many great prizes, and she's done an amazing job putting this all together. She's far more organized than I could ever dream of being! 

Oh yeah, and speaking of being disorganized, here's a little bit about me. 

I'm  easily distracted by shiny things - especially good stories.  I
love the hint of a faery tale in the midst of everyday life, and I love
reading and writing YA fiction. I live in Michigan with my wonderful
husband, two amazing kids and three psychotic cats where I compulsively
craft, binge watch Netflix and plot to do terrible things to my

You can find me at my Website, Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and Ravelry

No...I don't have a problem with social media. Why would you even think that? Sheesh...

Apryl Baker

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