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The Solus Series

Hey guys! First of all let me ask, how many of you need an escape?

Yeah, me too.

No matter what age you are there is always something, homework due, kids calling your name all day, cleaning, or just one of those good ole days where every single thing goes wrong and you are left wondering if you have somehow stumbled into some sick comedy sketch and are secretly being filmed. 

I frequently needed an escape growing up, usually from bullying,  and I wanted something that didn't remind me of reality in anyway. Naturally I turned to fantasy. As an adult this is still what speaks to my soul so this is what I write. Epic, amazing, adventure seeking fantasy. If you like magic and dragons and shapeshifters and fairies and fantastical scenery that's bigger than life, my books are the perfect escape for you.

What!? You don't like fantasy!!?? Well.... I seriously can't help you. But just know as you walk away that I am utterly confused at how escapism at its finest doesn't appeal to people. ;) 

Book one in the Solus Series is titled Wings of Arian and is the beginning to our saga. Our heroine, Kiora, grows up in a world devoid of evil. Without the time to become desensitized to the horrors now around her the pain is exquisite. One question begs to be answered, "If you never heard a lie would you know when you heard one?"

In Wings of Arian we meet a fantastic cast of characters, one of which is the hot tempered but tender hearted, Emane. He can be seen on the cover above. Emane is the only non-magical one in the bunch so his luck tends to go a little like this----

When Kiora can do things like this, it can get a little frustrating for the poor boy. (I know, I know, the GIF is a dude. Having a little trouble finding a girl who can control wind, water, earth and fire. *shrug*)

In the second book, Wings of Tavea, things change and the world opens up to expose lands and people they never knew existed. Unfortunately, the evil they have been facing is mild compared to their new foe.

Not that book two is not worth taking a little time on, but in book two we meet Alcander.

Yes, that's what I thought too. Now you see why I didn't want to put off showing you cover three any longer. Here's, Alcander.

Throughout the last three books Kiora, Emane and Alcander fight the biggest evil the land has ever known. They will call on the help of the loyal and completely sarcastic Drustan, a shapeshifter, as well as mountain of dragons that have avoided the fight for centuries. There will be love and loss, joy and despair. Twists and turns will jerk you from one side to the other,  all leading up to the final battle. 

In the fourth and final book in the series, Wings of Lomay, it will be all or nothing. Kiora must lead her small force of rebel forces against all the armies of the Shadow. Although Kiora is powerful, she is nothing compared to the great evil that has ruled the land. It will take everyone and a mighty plan to free them from the tyrants reign. 

Here are some reviews for the Solus Series--

I have to say that this book has touched me in a way no other has before. I got so pulled into this fantasy world. This series could so easily become a series of movies at the same impact that the Lord of the Rings movies did. I like this one even better to tell the truth. --Michelle's Paranormal Vault

Devri Walls gets better and better with each book. This exciting conclusion to The Solus Series is almost nonstop action and tension. I always wanted to keep reading even when I had no time to read. --Erin Horn

This series was amazing from the very start all the way till the end. I would recommend this series to ANYONE who loves magic and all that magic entails. 5/5 stars all the way. I hope that Devri Walls comes out with another series that is equal to or even better (good luck with that.) --Tim Holliman 

( BTW, Tim, I know we haven't met but you made me giggle with that last line. So, where ever you are, I have a book in the works that will hopefully deliver) 

To all of my readers and to all of you who took the time to read this blog post today I say... THANK YOU! 

As an extra thank you I would like to announce Wings of Arian is FREE! The only place you will not find a free e-book right now is Barnes and Nobles. Because I like you, if you would like a free file for your nook just email me and I will get that to you.

Once you have read Wings of Arian please, please take the time to leave a review, the good the bad and the ugly! Reviews are so hard to come by these days and are just as integral to my job as the stories I write. It means the world to me, thank you so much for your time!

Also, I love to hear from YOU! Please, email me. Let me know what you thought, what you would like to see, fan girl over Alcander and Emane. It's ok, I understand...I do it to.

Plus, did I mention I am in the middle of whipping up some awesome programs for those sweet souls who email me! 

Oh yes, my minions, it will be EPIC! Don't miss out!

Here are your links to my website which has all my contact links, as well as links to pick up your free copy. HURRY!

And just a reminder, although it is available at Barnes and Nobles it is not free which is why it is not listed.

Thanks so much for your time!


Apryl Baker

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