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Thanks to Apryl Baker for having me here today. I'm exited to walk you through my debut novel, Lingering Echoes, which was published one year ago!

First, from the mouth of readers: "I devoured this book in a single afternoon. Wow. What a fun and beautiful story!...It was romantic, without feeling too angsty and held a thrilling/suspenseful mystery at the heart of it. Erica Kiefer truly has a gift for honest storytelling." ~Cait, Amazon customer


tahoeIf you love the outdoors, you will appreciate the setting of Lingering Echoes. Imagine a summer cabin in the middle of the Sierra Nevada mountains, surrounded by pine trees and douglas fir. Picture a lake just within walking distance from this cabin where vacationers enjoy boating and a variety of water sports on a warm day.  Just beyond the cabin and through a forest of trees runs a river, playful in the way it dances across the ground and invites you to stick your bare feet into the cool water.

"The setting of Lingering Echoes was absolutely fabulous. This is a contemporary story, but the forest setting with the lake gives the entire plot a magical feeling where anything could happen. This is a different type of magic to it, one that includes the abilities to forgive, move on, make friends, and find love..." Paisley, Amazon customer

Knowing this, who wouldn't want to spend the summer (or at least the length of one novel) relishing in this type of environment?
Allie Collins
Character Card I'll tell you who wouldn't. Seventeen-year-old Allie Collins would rather spend the summer locked up in her bedroom than return to her family's cabin. Where she once found joy and freedom playing in nature, she now holds fear and guilt for the incident that occurred a year ago. One rainy, summer afternoon changed everything for Allie... However, Allie's dad forces her to join him, his new wife and step-son back at the cabin where the life-altering accident occurred. His intentions are good, but his methods prove more damaging than anything to Allie's fragile emotional state.

Damien Michaels
Character CardWhile working through her grief, Allie has a few run ins with a shady character named Damien. He seems to be following her. Watching her. His purposes are unknown, yet Allie feels drawn to Damien in a way she can't even explain, in a way that pulls deeper than the immediate attraction alone. There's something about this dark haired, mysterious stranger with the piercing blue-grey eyes that invites Allie to talk about what happened last summer to her cousin. She discovers he holds secrets of his own and is running from a past that comes careening back into both of their lives in a dangerous way.


charactersJoining Allie in her summer adventure is Brooke Cannon, Nick Cross, and Aaron Jackson. BROOKE in three words: bubbly, energetic, and boy-crazy. Residing in a neighboring cabin, she invites herself into Allie's life, becoming a somewhat annoying yet loyal side-kick throughout Lingering Echoes. She also develops a huge crush on Aaron Jackson, proving quite problematic as the story progresses.

NICK CROSS. Since I intentionally kept the writing in this book clean, I'll have to be more...selective...about the three words I choose for this kid: rude, hurtful, and insecure. Nick is Allie's new step-brother.  He is the antagonist and nemesis of Allie's life and readers loathe his character. However, you will also notice I inserted the word "insecure" for Nick. You'll have to read a good portion of Lingering Echoes to discover the reason behind that choice!

Aaron Character
CardLast but certainly not least, AARON JACKSON: Charming, arrogant, tender. Aaron is the tag-along best friend of Nick's,  and he is not afraid to share his disapproving opinion of Damien. Protective and instinctive, Aaron likes to offer advice--even when he's not asked for it, which drives Allie crazy sometimes. Aaron plays a major role in Allie's life, both in helping her work through her fears as well as unraveling the mystery behind Damien.

Now that you have met the characters and can picture their stage, what are you waiting for??

"Erica Kiefer has written one of the finest stories of love and redemption I have ever read, never missing a beat with her characters and their effect on the story. The emotions she allows her characters to reveal are so human, so natural..." ~Dii, Amazon Customer

Discover the journey for yourself! Find Lingering Echoes on Kindle or Paperback via Amazon or Barnes & Noble.


And when you realize that Lingering Echoes is simply not enough, take a look at the prequel, RUMORS. It's FREE on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

COVER RELEASERumors brings you back one year prior to Lingering Echoes, exploring Allie Collin's senior year and what it was like for her after her cousin died in the accident. Readers gain a glimpse into who Allie was before guilt and grief hardened her personality. This book allows you to see the toll that grief plays, causing havoc and discord in the life of a teenage girl who once felt so normal--a sixteen-year-old, star athlete who seemed to have it all. But what do you do when the mold of your identity no longer fits?

Thanks so much for your time! I love connecting with readers and hearing your feedback, so you can find me on:

Apryl Baker

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