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Interview with Ralf (Under a Wild and Darkening Sky)

1. I understand you are newly arrived in High Meadow. Are you pleased to be here?

The only reason we’re here is because my father is obsessed with flying horses. Oh, and the town needed a baker. My father’s a baker—perfect fit. Not so much for me. I have friends in Merioneth, where we’re from. I don’t need to be here slaving for arrogant riders of pampered flying horses.

2. And your sister? How does she feel?

Alyna’s a quiet one. Too soon to tell. Mum pushes her to make friends, and maybe she has one here in the new town. She’s stopping by one of the barns pretty often to talk to the barn leader’s daughter. She’ll probably fall in with the whole Aerial Games sect and absorb herself in a barn.

3. Would you like to be a rider or a groom?

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy cheering for my favorite barn during the Aerial Games. I’ve met a girl…she’s got a different view of High Meadow and its horses. The winged horses came from Tremeirchson, you know, which is nearly a ghost town now. She hopes to revive it…maybe I’ve said too much.

4. Revive Tremeirchson? Won’t High Meadow object?

Of course! But a little competition is healthy! All we need to do…um she needs to do…is get one flying horse established in Tremeirchson. Just one.

5. A noble pursuit, I suppose, but aren’t all the flying horses in the world controlled by High Meadow’s riders?

Exactly my point. Time for a younger generation to spread the wealth. We’re not alone, you know. Many eyes watch High Meadow for just such an opportunity as we are waiting for.

6. Do your parents support this idea?

You can’t tell them! They barely think of me as grown up—they’d never believe I could be valuable to this quest. Papa is devoted to Evan, making a fool out of himself whenever the barn leader appears at the bakery. When he doesn’t come, Papa bakes bread and delivers it for free. Mum worries, I know, but she’s tired of traveling. We spent a year on the road after being booted out of Merioneth. That was hard on her. With Alyna settling in, too, Mum is afraid to upset the town elders. Or she would be if she knew. We’re a very secret group.

7. Your hints are mystifying, Ralf, but I know when to stop asking questions. Good luck to you and your family on your new ventures in High Meadow.

You are very welcome. Take a loaf of the pandemayne, the good stuff, when you go.

Apryl Baker

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