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I am SO happy to be here today, taking part in the YA/NA BlogFest! Anytime I get to chill and have fun with my fave author and reader friends, it's like a mini vacation for me. Plus, it's RELEASE DAY which makes it extra special, so let's make it a party, shall we?
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So you may know that my lovely historical YA novel, Queen of Someday, releases today!

Queen of Someday is the story of young Catherine The Great, Empress of Russia. But before she was that, she was a poor German princess named Sophie. Her rise to the throne was full of peril, pitfalls, greed, lust, and betrayal. It's a helluva story to be sure.

I took a lot of liberties with it because I wanted it to appeal to a very wide audience. I wanted any reader, despite their age or nationality to be able to relate to Sophie, to connect with her and understand her. It's got all the drama and intrigue of a historical romance, but it's also easy to read and follow. A delicate balance to be sure.
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Many reviewers have compared it to the CW TV show REIGN, and I think that's both apt and a huge compliment. I call it my "Royals Gone Wild" novel. Imagine a bunch of 16 year old royals running amuck in Imperial Russia.

Ahem, you're welcome for that.
I have to tell you, it was SO MUCH FUN to write. A lot of research went into the book, though I did play with the timelines a bit to suit my narrative, but I think the main characters are very accurate to their historical counterparts. That said, I have literally had people say things like, "They didn't use forks in 1745" to which I say...
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But what I'm really excited about is the expanded features in the ebook editions. At the end of most chapters in the ebook editions, there is an embedded video that contains expanded bonus video features. Some of it is a behind the scenes chat with me about the creation of the book itself, but a good deal of it is the real history of Sophie, the girl who would be Catherine, and her royal counterparts. We hope it will provide an extra sensory reading experience

So, if you'd like to check out Queen of Someday, you can find it over on Amazon (Or B&N, or ibooks, or Kobo). I can't wait to hear what you think! Until then, ON WITH THE PARTY!

PS. You can join the official Facebook launch party today, anytime for prizes, goodies, and extras just by clicking HERE.

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