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In The Novice, demons act as companions and the source of their summoner’s magic. They live in a complex ecosystem on another planet, known as the ether. In order to bond with a demon, they must first be captured. Here are just a few of the demons that exist in the Summoner Universe.

Mite - level 1

Mites are the most common demon in Hominum’s part of the ether and are the food source of many demonic species. Though there are several species of smaller, insect- like Mites, Scarab Mites are the most powerful of the Mite genus. These demons appear as large flying beetles and vary from dull brown to brightly colored. When full grown, a Scarab develops a weapon to complement their powerful mandibles a nasty stinger, which can temporarily paralyze their enemy. Many summoners use Mites as scouts to explore the ether before sending a more powerful demon in to hunt.

Lutra - level 4

This dog- sized demon appears very similar to an overgrown otter, with a tail spiked like a morning star and two large incisors. They are often found in the lakes and rivers of the ether, as they are especially fond of swimming.

Shrike- level 4

These birdlike demons migrate annually across Hominum’s part of the ether, making entry extremely dangerous for one week of the year. Well known for their long black feathers, their wingspan is as wide as a man is tall, with each wing’s endmost feathers tipped with bleached white. A Shrike’s beak is hooked, with a bright red wattle underneath its neck and a red ridge along the top of its head like that of a rooster.

Salamander - level 5

Salamanders are extremely rare and do not exist in Hominum’s part of the ether. Not much is known about their habitat or history, though there is evidence that orcs have captured them in the past. They are the size of a ferret, with a similarly lithe body and limbs long enough to lope rather than scuttle like a lizard. Their skin is the color of dark burgundy, with eyes that are large, amber and round like those of an owl. Salamanders have no teeth to speak of, but their snout ends sharply, almost like a river turtle’s beak.

Shrike Matriarch

The Shrike Matriarch is the maternal leader of a Shrike flock. Almost twice as large as the average Shrike, these demons are not to be underestimated. It is not unknown for a Matriarch to carry off juvenile Canids, should the opportunity present itself.


This badger- shaped demon has tough skin almost indistinguishable from bark, which it uses to camouflage itself in the jungles of the ether. Although relatively common, their tendency to hide at the top of tree trunks and the ridge of poisonous spines they can shoot from their backs make them difficult to capture. Their diet consists solely of vegetation, which they crush in their ridge- filled mouths.


A close cousin to the Canid, this slightly smaller, fox-like demon has three tails and is known for its agility and speed.


A dog-like demon with four eyes, lethal claws, a fox-like tail, and a thick ridge of fur down its spine. These demons range in size from that of a large dog to a small pony, depending on the breed.


This bipedal cat demon has four eyes and the stature and intelligence of a jungle chimpanzee. Their breeds vary from leonine, tigrine and leopine, bearing resemblances to lions, tigers and leopards respectively.
*Scipio’s first Felid died. He has recently been gifted a new Felid kit.


This rare demon stands on two legs and has the head of a jackal. Though their bodies are rangy and gaunt, they are known for their agility and speed. Unusually for demons related to the common Canid, this demon has only two eyes.


Another distant cousin to the Canid, the Lycan appears much like an Anubid, with a thicker, bulkier body and the head of a wolf. Though stronger than their cousins, they are less intelligent and difficult to control.


This rare elemental-class demon can be made from many different types of minerals, including clay, mud and sand, the most powerful of which is the stone. Juvenile Golems begin at only a few feet tall, but can grow to over ten feet. They appear roughly humanoid, though they only have one large digit and an opposable thumb.


A Hydra is a large demon with three snakelike heads on long, flexible necks. Its body is similar to that of a monitor lizard, at around the same size of a large Canid. These demons were once more common in Hominum’s part of the ether, but are now extremely rare.

Griffin - level 10

This rare demon will occasionally stray into Hominum’s part of the ether. Horse- sized, it has the body, tail and back legs of a lion and the head, wings and talons of an eagle.

Minotaur - level 11

These humanoid demons are tall, large, hairy and muscular. They have the head of a bull and cloven hooves for feet. Unlike the Golem, they have clawed hands, which are capable of manipulating weapons, though teaching one to use them is a difficult task. It is very rare to see one of these in Hominum’s part of the ether.

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