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Welcome to the Kayla Castillo Show with JESSE LEE and AMBER WALSH!

Jesse and Amber are the protagonists of JESSE (Damage Control 2), a story set in the universe of the series Inked Brotherhood and Damage Control written by NY Times bestselling author Jo Raven.

They don’t know they are about to be questioned and filmed, so bear with them. Here they are!


[camera turns on. Image appears. Jesse Lee and Amber Walsh are curled up on the couch, turning wide eyes to the lens. Kayla appears, giving a thumbs up.]

Kayla: Welcome to “ask Jesse and Amber a question” with Kayla. Behind the camera is Ocean Storm, future famous filmmaker.

Amber [sitting up]: Kay, what are you doing? And Ocean. Oh my God. Put that camera down right now.

Jesse: Shh, it’s okay. [takes her hand] You know she doesn’t like this kinda shit, man. Put the camera down.

Kayla: Awwh but you look so cute together! Snuggle, snuggle!

Amber: Kayla… You know I love you, roomie, but what have you been smoking, huh?

Kayla [ignoring her]: I present you Amber Walsh, jewelry artist extraordinaire and a survivor of bullying, and Jesse Lee, a survivor of the mean streets and tattoo artist. They found each other, gave each other strength through their love to beat their demons and become happy.

Amber: What are you doing?

Kayla:  I just have a few questions, I promise! Readers want to know more about you. You can’t leave them hanging!

Amber: leave them… what are you talking about, crazy woman?

Kayla: They want to know when you’re getting married and having lots of babies.

Amber [splutters]

Jesse [grinning]: Babies. I like the sound of that. Lots of Amber babies.

Amber: Now look what you started.

Kayla: Seriously, guys. Give us something to work with. Are you planning a wedding? A road trip? Are you moving together? [sighs] Come on, Amber. I’m your roommate. I have a right to know whether you’re about to abandon me for the sake of Mr. Eye-Candy here.

Jesse [snickers]: Mr. Eye-Candy?

Kayla: Yep. And if Amber doesn’t spill right now what she’s planning on doing, I’m going to tell you all the pet names we have for you.

Jesse: Pet names. As in plural. You’d shitting me.

Kayla: Lots of pet names. Mr. Eye-Candy, Mr. Man-Candy, Sexy Beast…

Amber: Kayla! [hides face in hands] Oh my God, stop.

Jesse: Sexy Beast… I like that.

Kayla: Amber, your plans. Now.

Amber [whimpers, lowers hands]: okay, okay. Sheesh.

Jesse: I vote for baby making, starting immediately. [groans when Amber elbows him] Ow. We can practice, you know? I heard certain positions help conceive—[yelps when Amber smacks his chest] What was that for?

Amber [laughing] Shut. Up. We are not having babies now.

Jesse [pouts]

Kayla: Readers won’t be happy.

Jesse: I’ll convince her. [leers at Amber]

Amber: Shut up, both of you crazy people. Okay, here’s the plan: we want to move in together, but we need to find the right place first. So you’re stuck with me for now, Kayla. [sticks out tongue] Meanwhile, I am going back to college in the Fall to study art, and Jesse…

Jesse: Is it a secret? Should we tell them?

Amber: not sure. Should we ask the author…?

Jesse: Fuck it. It’s my life and my secret to tell. I don’t give a damn.

Amber: Hey…

Jesse: [wraps an arm around her and tucks her to his side]: the author will understand. Besides, it’s not a big secret. Zane practically said it: he’s offering me a job.

Kayla: your apprenticeship at the tattoo shop is over?

Jesse: Yeah.

Kayla: Will you be working at Damage Control, the tattoo shop where you’ve done the apprenticeship?

Jesse: Yeah. Zane and Rafe, the owner, are thinking of expanding it, renting the shop next door.

Kayla: That’s great news!

Amber: It is. [muffled against Jesse’s shoulder] And I’ll be his first victim.

Jesse [chuckles]

Kayla: That true?

Ocean [lowering the camera]: You better not mess it up, Jesse. If she ends up with a tattoo she hates…

Jesse: you guys have no faith in me.

Amber: I do.

Jesse [smiles]

Kayla: This is all great, but… what, no wedding bells, no babies? How am I gonna tell the readers this? They’ll lynch me! You guys have to give me something!!

Ocean [from behind the camera]: the author is holding a gun to her head. Come on, guys. Be kind. Spill.

Amber: oh God…

Jesse: Ahem.

Amber: I don’t have time for babies! I will be studying!

Jesse [lifts a brow]

Amber: no.

Jesse [puts a finger under her chin, lifts her face toward him]

Amber: no…

Jesse: we can practice and see what happens, huh?

Kayla [holds her breath]

Amber: … maybe.

Kayla [squeals]

Ocean [lowers the camera] Did she just agree to what I think she agreed?

Kayla: Houston, we may see an Amber-Jesse Lee baby in the next year (no promises, though...) Stay tuned!!!!!!

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About the Author:  

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jo Raven writes contemporary New Adult romance. She loves sexy bad boys and strong-willed heroines, and divides her time between writing and reading. When not cooking up plots, she putters in her cluttered kitchen and dreams of traveling to India and Japan... One day! One day I will travel there!!
I love hearing from readers! Here's where you can find me:

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