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Wow, how thrilling to be part of the YA blog tour this year. I’m Jackie Castle, author of the White Road Chronicles and soon to be published, Sentinel Archives series.

What is the White Road Chronicles, you might ask?
I can think of nobody better to explain then my wise friend, Lotari. So I will leave the rest of this post for him to tell you more and I’ll return at the end for a last word.

Thank you Chronicler Castle!
Good day to all. I am Lotari the centaur of the Riverwood clan and I’m here to tell you about life on the White Road. Simply put, think of the Wizard of Oz meets Narnia. If either of these stories enchanted you, then I’d like to invite you to the land of Alburnium for a new kind of adventure.

Who You Will Meet Along the Way
Well, the series follows an ex-princess named Alyra, who has an extraordinary gift which can benefit both the good (Aloblase) and bad (Racah) kingdoms of the land.

When I first met Alyra, she didn’t know her real name, nor where she came from. All she had to go on was a gold medallion from the ruler of Aloblase, King Shaydon. And this was where she was heading when she accidentally stepped off the path and got lost in my woods.

As we've traveled together along the white road toward her home, I've learned that her being an Illuminate is only scratching the surface of what she can do and how important she is to bringing on the defeat of the dark King Darnel- her former master and adoptive father.

What captured my heart first about her was how she treated me. As if I was… normal and just as important as any human she'd ever met.

The next person I met was Jerin of Yarholm, a farm boy who dreamed of being a great warrior. At first, his narrow view of creatures annoyed me to no end. But that was nothing compared to his outright distrust and fear of me. I doubted he'd amount to anything at all. So it's needless to say that we didn't get along in the beginning.

This was only one of many obstacles we had to face on our trek to Aloblase.

Along our journey, the three of us eventually met up with Katrina the Curian.

Curians were once the Wisdom Keepers of the whole land. Until King Darnel tried to destroy them.

When we first met Kat, none of us had any idea we'd just joined up with one of the last living Wisdom Keepers.
While Katrina searches for the remnant of her people, who are rumored to be in hiding from Lord Darnel, she becomes a hub of information for the rest of us. As we each continue along our paths to accomplish our quests, Kat helps us with mapping the land and learning any information about our surrounding she can from her station at the abandoned Halls of Knowledge, once occupied by her people. If it weren't for our wise Curian friend, we'd all most likely be lost.

How, you may ask, do we keep in touch when we are all scattered across Alburnium? Well, you'll have to read the books, but I will say, our means of communication was brought about by the last member who joined our group.

Stitch is also a centaur, like myself. A palomino with an attitude. This rambunctious rascal is also an escaped slave from Racah, like Alyra, and often the bane of my existence with his silly pranks and puffed up ego.

However, I can no longer imagine my life without any of them. Of course, there are more wonderful- and not so wonderful- characters to meet in The White Road Chronicles. Pick up the first book in the series, Illuminated, for only .99 cents or hop over the Wattpad where you can read it for free, and see for yourself.

Thank you for your time. I will now hand the quill back to Chronicler Castle.

Here's Something Fun!
Thank you Lotari for your help. Well folks, that about sums up The White Road Chronicles which is a series of four books, with two more on the way. I appreciate you reading this far and would like to announce a sale going on this week on Radiance: Book Four which normally goes for $3.99. From August 4th until Sunday August 9th you can get Radiance for only $1.99.

About the author

Jackie Castle graduated from UT Southwestern Medical Center of Dallas. She is a published freelance writer, storyteller and former elementary school educator. She lives in Texas with her husband, children, and dog, Ginger (aka ginger-roonie). 

Her favorite pastime, besides reading, is traipsing through the worlds of Alburnium or Fay in search of another story.

She looks for the extraordinary in the ordinary in everything she experiences.

Find out more about her shenanigans over at Jackie Castle's Story World: and learn more about the White Road Chronicles at

Also find Jackie Castle at:
Twitter- @Jackie_Castle
(Where you can read Illuminated and Captured for free)

The series goes in this order:
Illuminated where the journey begins.
Luminosity: which sends us each on various quest
Emanate: where we being to see the light of our real challenges
And just released—
Radiance: where questions are answered which set each of us in a new direction. 

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