Meet Author Rose Garcia

The Transhuman Chronicles by Rose Garcia
a YA sci-fi/fantasy trilogy

What people are saying about the Transhuman Chronicles: Final Life, Final Stand, and Final Death.

“Once I'd started reading this book, I couldn't put it down. The story sucked me in and dragged me all the way through to its breathtaking end!”

“I absolutely loved it! Had me at the edge of my seat!”


“There are so many twists and turns I think my head is still spinning. Wow this series is awesome!”

“Smart and suspenseful.”

Dominique Wells

Character Inspiration: Emma Roberts

What’s up with her? She is the Marked One, and has been killed in each of her past lives by the same Transhuman hunter. According to numerology, she’s on her final life—life number nine.

Her go to weapon: Daggers.

Her favorite color: Light blue/aqua.

Her favorite place: Elk Rapids beach.

Her favorite food: Pasta.

Her features: Hair- brown and straight, eye color- olive. She’s on the tall side.

Her personality: Quiet and reserved, an introvert.

Infiniti Clausman

Character Inspiration: Sarah Hyland

What’s up with her? She is the party girl who lives down the street from Dominique. She’s “into” all things supernatural like tarot cards and Ouija boards. She and Dominique become fast friends. According to numerology, she’s on life number one.  

Her go to weapon: None, she’s not into violence. 

Her favorite color: Purple.

Her favorite place: She can hang anywhere.

Her favorite food: Hot Cheetos and root beer.

Her features: Hair- dark brown and wavy, eye color- brown. She’s petite.
Her personality: Loud and fun, an extrovert. 

Farrell Walker

Character Inspiration: Benjamin Stone

What’s up with him? He is Dominique’s protector. Mysterious and powerful, he’s one of the good Transhumans. He’s been linked to Dominique for lifetimes.
His go to weapon: He has the power to manipulate the energy in and around him. He has a special healing ability.

His favorite color: Green.

His favorite place: Elk Rapids beach.

His favorite food: None.

His features: Hair- blonde, eye color- green. He’s lean and muscular.
His personality: Serious and focused.

Trent Avila

Character Inspiration: Fransisco Lachowski

What’s up with him? He’s the guy Dominique meets at school. A good Hispanic boy that lives with his grandmother, he falls for Dominique and becomes involved in her quest for survival. According to numerology, he’s on life number one.

His go to weapon: His fists. 

His favorite color: Blue.

His favorite place: He’s never been outside Houston, Texas, but would love to go to Spain.

His favorite food: Any and all Mexican food.

His features: Hair- brown, eye color- blue. He plays soccer and is muscular.
His personality: Fun and flirty.


Character Inspiration: Joshua Brand

What’s up with him? Cocky and full of anger, no one really understands who Fleet is at first, other than he’s a powerful evil Transhuman who’s been tracking Dominique for lifetimes. 

His go to weapon: He has the power to manipulate the energy in and around him. He has a special tracking ability. 

His favorite color: Unknown.

His favorite place: Unknown.

His favorite food: Unknown.

His features: Hair- black, eye color- black. He’s lean and muscular.
His personality: Cocky and arrogant.

Apryl Baker


  1. I love your inspirational cast! Sounds like your books are doing really good! Keep up the great work! I'll go take a look!