Meet Author M.A. Phipps

Where to begin? Well, as Im sure youve already gathered, my name is M. A. Phipps and Im a newly published author. From the time I was a small child I remember having a passion for literature but it went so much further than normal day-to-day dreams we tend to have as kids. Sure, there were moments when I wanted to be an astronaut or a ballerina or a wizard (at one point, I desperately wanted to be best friends with Peter Pan and fly away to Neverland) but the one thing that never left my mind was how much I loved books and how amazing it would feel to see my name on the cover of something Ive written. One day, I told myself.

That dream grew as I got older. Unfortunately, extra-curricular activities in my youth didnt leave much time to pursue it and it was only once I graduated from university that I was finally able to find the time to write. Its been a handful of years now since I began seriously writing fiction and now I can say the effort has finally paid off.

I. Am. A. Published. Author. Never gets old saying that! Anyways, my debut novel (but not the first one Ive written) is entitled Ultraxenopia, a new adult dystopian whichwellI dont want to give too much away because that would be spoiling the fun! Id rather let some pictures which Ive included below speak for me.

On the more personal side of things, Im the wife of a hunky Brit and also mother to one craaaaazy little girl. My mini-me. I also have an equally crazy Jack Russell Terrier named Milo. Im American but Ive lived in the UK for the better part of a decade now. Im a big time movie buff and I love comparing books to their film counterparts. You will never hear me say, BUT THAT WASNT IN THE BOOK! probably because film studies was a huge part of my major at college. Oh, and I feel it needs to be said that I am quite possibly the biggest Lord of the Rings nerd alive.

In regards to my writing, I want to explore every genre of fiction possible. I want to test myself, explore the furthest reaches of my imagination, and above all, share my stories with the world. 

The images above are not intended for promotional purposes but rather to show how I envision the characters seen in Ultraxenopia.

Apryl Baker


  1. Very cool. I just went and bough it.

  2. Yay! Your dream of being a published author has come true! I can remember seeing my name on a book the first time. Lots of blood and sweat in that book! :) If you're like me, I enjoy writing and creating characters. Creating the characters and coming up with names and places are just as fun as the writing story. Good luck and great blog !