Meet Author Pamela Washington

Hey Everyone My name Pamela Washington, I’m the author of Runaway Love. This is my first book, I’ve ever written. I live in Charleston, SC, I’m a New York native. I enjoy reading romance books, I’m always interacting with my readers. I thought I would set up an interview with my lovely characters who bought this book alive. We have the Amazing, Beautiful Red Hair Grace sitting in the middle. She let her hair down for this special occasion. We’ll speak with her first since the gentleman feel the need to be late.

As I’m doing the interview I will also take questions from some of the ladies who’ve read Grace’s Story.

Well Grace since I have you here first let’s begin. Are you ready?

Grace: I’m ready Pam. Since you felt the need to do this when I’m already having a difficult time with the book coming out.

Pam: It won’t be that bad. I think everybody will behave there selves.

Grace: If you say so. I even wore my booty shape pants. *Grace stands up and twirls around*

Pam: As always you look amazing. Tell everyone a little bit about you.

Grace: Well my name is Grace Evans, I have more problems than most people. I’m in love with two men. Pamela wrote the story about my relationship with two men Scott my first love and Tony who’s my husband and the love of life.

Pam: How did you meet Scott?

Grace starts to play with her hair

Grace: We was in the Group Home together. He thinks that he saw me first but I saw him first but I wasn’t trying to make friends with anyone. I usually don’t stay in a group home long. When I and Scott started talking, we just clicked. Grace starts smiling He was my best friend and things was going great until he made a promise he didn’t keep. 

Pam: I heard you said WAS your best friend. What has changed?

Grace: You have to ask him what happened in England.
Tony comes walking out on to the stage in a dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and nice blue jeans with some loafers on. He looks very stylish, of course his hair looks like a wild man. I’m loving the look right now.

He gives Grace a kiss and have a seats next to her.

Pam: Well thank you Tony for joining us.

Tony: Thank you Pam. I guess I really didn’t have much of a choice but I’m here of course to support my wife.
I watch how Tony looks at Grace with so much love.

Pam: Tony tell us a little bit about you. There is a lot of Team Tony’s out there in the audience.
Audience chant Team Tony

Tony: Thank you ladies. Well I’m a Supervisor for an Insurance Company. I’m Grace’s husband of course. We met at the group home, where she was going through the stress of losing her best friend. Which I know now. 

Pam: Why do you think everyone like you over the Scott?

Tony: I think we have equal fans but people probably like me more because I been there for Grace. She was going through a rough patch and I was there to pick her up and get her back on the right path. Tony looks at Grace.

Grace: Tony is just a strong man. From what I read, once we went through editing and I reread the book I truly don’t deserve anyone like Tony but I do appreciate him more now.
Scott walks out on to the stage. Dress to Impress and break a few hearts. He has on a suit. With a few buttons undone he takes a seat on the other side of Grace.

Pam: Hey Scott, thank you for joining us. I know you’re just flying in. Is that correct?

Scott: Well somewhat. I’m in transition, I’m moving back to the States.

Grace sits up straight in her chair and looks at Scott quickly.

Tony: I thought you loved Soccer so much, why would you move back?

Scott chuckles. 

Scott: Well, I just received some amazing news. Is that a problem with you?
I clear my thought. I watch Tony and Scott stare each other down.

Pam: Okay Gentlemen… This isn’t about you guys. This is all about Grace and her story Runaway Love. Scott tell us a little bit about you. I see you brought some fans with you as well

Audience yelling We Love You Scott

Scott: I love you ladies too. Well, I lived in the same group home as Grace. We develop a great friendship turn first loves in our time there. I know I made a mistake that I did apologize for, but not everyone can let it go. When I left the group home, I managed to get signed by Mr. Rivers to play on his Soccer Team in England and I went. I know I should have did a better job of telling Grace. I’ve also read the book and I felt that maybe I was seeming selfish or a jerk but I’m not really like that.

Grace: Let you tell it. You left me and you couldn’t even wait for me. 

Scott turns towards Grace.

Scott: We already discuss this. I’m sorry about how things turned out between us. 

Pam: Well let’s take a time out. When we come back we have some audience members who been dying to ask some questions. Is that okay with everyone?

Grace: Well I’m an open book ask away. I’m ready since I’ve read a few reviews where people didn’t like me but okay

Tony: I’m ready for it. I know they have some questions

Scott: Okay I’m game!

Everyone gets up and walk backstage and I watch Scott and Grace interact. She looks a little mad with him. Between me and you they haven’t seen each other since she left England.

Break is over…

Pam: Okay let’s welcome back: Grace, Tony and Scott. We are here to discuss about the Newly Released book of Runaway Love by Me Pamela Washington. This is Grace’s Story and I thought we would have a little interaction with everyone from the book. Let’s open up the floor for a little Q and A.

The first audience member steps up.

Pam: thank you for coming first, tell us your name and where you’re from
Audience Member: Hey my name is Terri I’m from Georgia and I have two questions. The first one is for Grace:

Grace starts to look uncomfortable when her name is called

Terri: Grace would you leave Tony and take Scottie or would you leave him with Tony?

Grace: Hey Terri, well no I don’t have any plans on leaving either. Well unless Tony does something f**ked up and I will take Scottie with me

Terri:  Okay. My second question is for Scott.

Scott: Let’s see what you have. He winks at her.

Terri: If Grace is pregnant and it is your baby, what are you prepared to do?

Grace starts coughing real loud. I offer her some water.

Scott: Well Terri are you trying to get me in trouble. I don’t know, but I don’t know anything about Grace being pregnant.

Tony starts to look at Grace and Scott. Man the tense in this room

Pam: Thank you Terri for your heart wrenching questions. Now may the next person step up to the mic.

Audience Member: Hi, My name is Tracey and I’m from Maryland and Florida. I have two questions also. My first one is for Tony. If Grace chooses Scott, would you let her go or fight for her?

Tony: Hi, Tracey! This is an easy question, of course I will fight for Grace. I won’t let her get away from me so easy. Regardless of the rumors some of the readers are putting out there.

Tracey: Okay, my second question is for both men… Would you fellows be willing to let Grace have her cake and eat it too? 

Tracey laughs and Grace laugh also

Tony: No I wouldn’t let Grace eat her cake and some on the side. I don’t like to share, even though Scott came back causing Grace to break her vows but I’ve forgiven Grace for that.

Scott: Unfortunately somethings did happen that I won’t bring up. It’s in the book so you can read it but I had no choice but to share Grace I would but I try to let her know she belongs with me and only me.

Pam: Well thank you Tracey for that intense questions. Whew… I wonder if any of them ladies was Team Tony or Team Scott. Okay next person you may step up to the mic

Audience Member: Hi my name is Kim, I’m from Washington State. I also have two questions, my first one is for Tony. Do you think Grace honestly loved you?

Tony clears his throat and kisses Grace on the lips.

Tony: Hey Kim, Well if I’m going to be honest here. I didn’t think Grace loved me at first but once some of her walls started to come down, I feel deep down inside that Grace grew to love me.

Kim: Okay my second question is for Scott, so now that your fate is in writing, how do you hope your actions are viewed?

Scott: Hey Kim, What I want people to realize that this is Grace’s opinion of me. I don’t think I’m as much of a jerk as everyone is making me out to me. Luckily Pamela is giving me the opportunity to tell my story. Which is called The Risk and it’s coming soon just a little promo there.

Pam: I would love to Thank Terri, Tracey and Kim for being some brave audience members to ask these questions. Do anyone have any last words they would love to share?

Grace: Hell it was my book and nobody asked me much questions. I told you Pamela we should’ve made the book longer but I love the story and Thank you for taking the chance on telling my story. I hope everyone goes and pick up a copy of Pamela’s first book Runaway Love. Don’t forget to join on Facebook Pamela Washington’s Dream Team to get all the latest update.

Tony: oh my turn. Okay I enjoyed the experience of having the story of Grace being put in a book for the whole world can read. I’m shocked she actually was able to do that but I enjoyed the read and Thank You Pamela for taking your chance on all of us. We haven’t start on my book yet but also Pamela is writing a story and letting me tell my point of view. My book is called The Protector. We shared some of it in Runaway Love thank you.

Scott: I would love to thank everyone and especially to Pamela for telling Grace’s story. I hope you’re not having too much of a hard time writing my book. I know your work schedule is crazy. Thank you Grace for including me in your story even if I seem like the bad guy. Tony thanks for trying to keep a level head after the book was released. Once again Pamela is working on my book The Risk which will be out soon. Go and grab a Copy of Runaway Love on Amazon for $0.99 cents. It’s an amazing story and there’s also a little of my book in there as well.

Pam: Now you guys know I’m a cry baby. I love you guys and thank you for taking a chance on me to write this amazing story. This is all the time I have, I hope you all can grab a copy of Runaway Love and learn more of Grace’s story. We would love to thank our Sponsor My Crazy Corner’s YA/NA Blogfest for having us here today. Thank you to Apryl Baker for taking a chance on new author as well. I hope you enjoy the book and this interview.

Apryl Baker