Meet Author Laura J. Whiskens

Welcome to the 2015 My Crazy Corner Blogfest! My name is Laura and I’m your host for this section of the Blogfest.

I’m super excited to be joining you, I’m a huge fan of Apryl Baker’s work and am eagerly awaiting book four in the Ghost Files series. As well as being a complete bookworm, I’m also a writer myself.

The titles in my YA/NA range include Pieces of Me, a paranormal story following the life of Celeste Potts and Riot Girl, my newest release. I’m currently working on two new YA/NA books, My Immortal and The Talking Board – these are the kind of vampire and ghost/demon books I’d like to read myself. I’m not a fan of whining damsels, I like a main female character who can get herself out of trouble as readily as she can get in to it!

I have been writing seriously since July 2013, when my first publication, Danny Boy, was released. Since then I have been interrupted day and night by a multitude of characters, including the very pushy Indi from Riot Girl. She was actually supposed to wait until 2016 before I got on to writing her story, but she wouldn’t be ignored. (Imagine the scene with Patrick Swayze and Whoopie Goldberg in Ghost (Henry VIII song) and you will have some idea of how Indi bugged me into writing her book next!)

Riot Girl is a ‘rock n roll’ romance following Indiana Jones (seriously) and her first love, Joel Travis. After years of pining after her best friend, Joel finally opens his eyes and falls into Indi’s open arms.

One problem… Joel’s band, The Riots, just got picked up by a major record label and he’s leaving town to pursue his dream of being a rock star. Left behind in town that doesn’t understand her, Indi is all alone with a big secret to keep.

Fast forward seven years and Indi is in stable, reliable (and passionless) relationship, has a good job and a young son. She has finally picked herself up from the heartbreak of losing Joel and is getting on with her life… Until she hears on the radio that The Riots are coming back to town.

Check out the following snippet from Part Two of the book:

As we neared the end of our street a familiar tune came on the local radio station. I groaned and rolled my eyes. This was happening all too frequently of late.

“Dreaming of coming home to you; talking like we used to do…” I reached to turn off the radio but Jacob pulled my hand away from the dial.

“Stop! I like this one mommy,” Jacob smiled at me and drummed his hands on his legs in rhythm with the beat. I forced a smile on my face and gritted my teeth as the song played out.

As the end of the song faded out the radio presenter cut in: “That was ‘Coming Home’ by our very own local band, The Riots. Rumour has it that Joel, Billy and Waz will really be back in town in coming months! Tune in next week for more news on the boys’ return to town.”

My breath caught and my stomach lurched–I can’t have heard right. My mind went blank as horror pulsed through my body at the news.

“Mommy, mommy!” Jacob’s voice cut into the void in my head. I looked down at his terrified face and then out through the windscreen.

We narrowly missed a car coming towards us. I was driving on the wrong side of the road! The other driver blew his horn at us loudly as I swerved out of his way. I pulled on to the grass verge and pulled Jacob to me, my heart racing and my head thumping with the start of a headache.

“I’m so sorry baby, I’m so sorry,” I was sobbing into his dark blonde hair, hardly believing what I’d just done.

“Mommy you’re crazy,” he told me as I clung onto him.

They were coming back. Here. Back into our town; my town. And, oh god, I just almost killed my son.

Riot Girl is out on 1st August 2015 and is available through Amazon Kindle, iBooks, Nook, and Kobo.
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