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It’s been a long trip, but I’ve been able to travel to the Mining Territory to meet with the Ryder Arteres to discuss the rebellion. The hot, sticky, sandy climate is unbearable and I can’t wait to get home, but I know I have to do my part to assist the rebellion.

I glance up and down the boardwalk and spot the queen’s massive ship resting on the landing field at the edge of town. “Thanks for taking such a great risk to meet me out here. I know you’re really busy with the uprising, but some people want to know more before joining your cause. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

Ryder swipes his dark hair from his brow and steps in closer. “Sure. Shoot.”

I’m taken aback by how much his physique and strong voice commands attention for such a young man. I can see what caught Princess Semara’s attention. “How old were you during the Great War of 2185, and what happened to your parents?”

“The war ended ten years ago. In the final days of battle, my parents were executed. At only eight years old, I was made to watch.” His morose brown eyes met mine for a second, before he snapped his attention to a few rowdy men outside the saloon.

“You’ve been enslaved since the Neumarian Enslavement Act was passed at the end of the war. This declares that anyone harboring a terrorist (Neumarian) may be imprisoned without trial. Why should others risk their lives if they are not a Neumarian?”

“There be vicious tales the queen has told to keep her dictator of the territories. Humans are scared of us because they believe us to be life-sucking creatures, but it’s not true. Each Neumarian possesses a different gift, an ability that can help heal, create energy, and so many other possibilities. There’ll be a time when a human needs our gifts to help one of their loved ones, but we’ll all be extinct by that time. Besides, it’s plain wrong to enslave people. We be collared like dogs and forced to live under her tyranny. Humans should stand up and fight or when she’s done killin’ all us, it’ll be their turn.”

“You make some great points. What impassioned you so much to rally all of us to fight? Is it for your sister?”

Ryder’s fists tighten at his side. “Keep Raeth out of it.”

I’d heard he was overprotective of his sister, but I can’t help myself. “What happened to your sister that she stutters?”

“Queen did that to her. She’s vial and would stop at nothing to remain in power.”

Okay, moving on. He’s tight lipped when it comes to Raeth. “What do you hope the uprising will accomplish and how can we help?”

“According to you, the way to get the word of our story out is to share with lots of people via Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter channels. Getting ‘likes’ and sales will help Escapement, Pendulum and Balance appear on lists. If I understand it right, that be the way to rally more fighters for freedom.”

A scout ship shoots out across the vast wasteland.

“Gotta go. Something’s up. Thanks for all your help. Be safe, we can’t afford to lose another spy.”

I step back at his warning. I think it’s time for me to get out of here. My place is back home helping spread the word. Remember, if you need to reach Ryder or the rebellion text #Neumarian.

Be Brave.
Be Bold.
Be Free!

To see more about the rebellion check out their video at:

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  1. What an imaginative blog interview with your character. Hope to see more of Ryder! The covers look awesome!