Meet Author Logan Keys

What would you do if:
Everyone you knew was dead.
The world is full of wreckage.
You are alone. Completely alone.
Then you get sick.
You are sent away to die.
You survive!
-Alpha Book Club Review
"The world has come to an end.
Illness is on the rise.
Zombies are looking for flesh.
Cancer has emaciated the populace.
The government rules with an iron fist.
Human rights are a myth, we are all slaves.
Scientists are having too much fun experimenting on the young and turning them into something else. Into creatures of myths and legends...turning them into nightmares.
Lives are being torn asunder.
Jeremy Writer. Liza/ Mozart. Thomas/ Tommy. Vero. Cory. Joelle.
Remember these names for they shall be unraveled.
Welcome to Anthem."
-Emmeline The Book Herald
Liza Randusky is sent to an island of sick children. On a man-made island far away from Anthem, is a prison set to keep those that are being blamed for outbreaks of the undead. Anthem City is the last standing safe zone, and rumors grow about what it's like, but none believe they will live to see it. Are the people any freer there? Is it like the old world? 


The small population live by the grace of the Authority, now.

Thomas Ripley-Hatter is the son of a preacher, who's realized he's made a mistake in signing himself over to the Underground, a group of scientists who've joined the military, and created projects to help defeat those that hold Anthem City in their grip.

Can he control the monster inside? Will it hurt the people he cares for? 

Gods of Anthem is a fast-paced, dark adventure of faith, love, and justice. 

Apryl Baker


  1. Sounds like a book teenagers would definitely enjoy as well as adults! They love the action. Good luck with your book and I hope the best! :) I love the cover!