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Hi, I’m Brenda Pandos, YA/NA author of paranormal, urban fantasy and contemporary romance stories.

Some of my fondest memories are from when I was a camper at summer camp, and then being a counselor as well. Sometimes, I wake up in a panic because I haven’t turned in my summer camp application (sigh). By incorporating those experiences and that of finding true love, TRULY MADLY DEEPLY was born. Check out the excerpt and you’ll be transported back to camp as well…

Madison Miller has sworn off men. There is no point in hoping that there is a "happily ever after" out there, especially after she walks in on her best friend and boyfriend creating a "happily ever after" of their own. Maddy is forced to start over far from home--away from the reminders that ruined her so-called perfect life.  

Logan Abrams is nearly living the dream:  a degree at a pristine college right around the corner, a high-paying job dangling at his fingertips, and a gorgeous girl to share it with. But when his summer job plans fall through and he's nearly broke and desperate, Logan is forced to take a job as a camp counselor.

When Logan and Maddy meet, the chemistry is palpable. But, Maddy must stick to her guns; she can’t let anyone in and hurt her like her ex did. She’s given up on finding tru love. Or has she? And Logan has everything he's ever wanted. Or does he?  


“So, girls.” Kitty puts her arms around Syd and me as we walk from the dining hall. “Word on camp is the guys are planning a little extra orientation for us.”

“Really?” Syd chuckles. “And pray tell, what are we going to do to prepare for said orientation?”

Kitty’s eyes gleam evilly. “We’re going to beat them to it with an orientation of our own.”

She draws the ten of us into a huddle and runs down a quick plan.

“Meet me here in five. Wear black. I have duct tape.” Kitty smiles. “Bring any weapons that you have.”

Everyone nods and runs off. I shake my head. Why hadn’t Kitty been this ruthless when we were campers? College has bred a new sense of confidence for both her and Syd.

As we run to the cabin, freedom floods over me. I might not be a cool counselor, but at least I remembered what is important—a Super Soaker. Tomorrow, I will lock my phone in one of the counselor lockers and will only check it when I want to call home. Gage’s number was now blocked and I’ve deleted my Facebook account. No one from camp can find out the truth about me now.

The girls meet back in five and we sneak over to the guys cabins, squirt guns in hand. Lights illuminate long shadows of oblivious guys planning something we’re about to foil through the windows of Dogwood. Kitty gives the signal and quietly unrolls the glowing green tape into twelve 3-foot long pieces, dolling them out one by one. With sweaty hands, I sneak up last and tape my piece across the door frame.

Inside, I hear running water and evil laughter. I stifle my giggle. Whatever they’ve planned, the first victim is about to get a full soaking before being able to exit. After the all clear signal from Kitty and the rest of the girls are hidden, I pound on the door and scurry off the deck. I join Syd and we aim our guns at the door. I can’t help busting up into laughter as Brady tries to get out of the cabin first, incasing himself with duct tape.

A screen flies off the window and into the bushes, narrowly missing Kitty’s head.

“Babe!” Matt yells. “When I find you, you’re going to regret…”

His last mouthful is met with a stream of water. 

“Love you, too, babe!” she calls out.

He yells something intelligible, clambering onto the ground, a Super Soaker in hand.

She squeals and runs, his spray hitting her all across her back, illuminating her retreat.

“Crap,” Syd whispers next to me, “there’s glow stick gunk inside their guns.”

Before I can respond, a green spray of water shoots over our heads. “Run!”

We get to our feet and head in opposite directions. Operation Orientation has met its match. I book to the next cabin and hide behind it. Shrieks and laughter fill the air. Luckily, after a quick inspection, I’ve adverted being tagged with the glowing goo. Peeking around the corner, I watch Syd get soaked in a losing war against Kellan and Dirk.

I fire at them, hitting Kellan in the back, then take off around to the front of the cabin to get Dirk.

“Oh, no you don’t.” Arms circle around me, pinning mine down. A hard chest meets my back as my abductor holds me hostage. “You’re coming with me,” he whispers in my ear.

Heat scrawls across my skin, filling my belly with anticipation. I scream for Syd, faking my struggle. A swift stomp on his foot or a jab to his ribs would have gained me freedom, but I didn’t want to hurt anyone.

“Let me go, Brady,” I demand.

“Brady?” His grip lessens. 

I swivel around and meet long lashes framing brown eyes, squinted and questioning. “Who are you?”

A stream of water hits my hair and I duck, as the cute stranger is doused in glowing liquid. He snatches my hand, pulling me close and makes me his shield. 

“I’m on your side,” he calls out to the guys.

“Let me go.” I tried to wiggle free and inhaled his spicy and salty scent. 

“I can’t,” he breathes in my ear. “You’re my ticket into the club.”

“Club? What club?” 

Within moments all eleven girls are brought to Dogwood, held captive and struggling. One by one, each guy ties the girl’s wrists with bandanas. Syd gives me a look, questioning me with the quick flick of her gaze to the guy holding me. I shrug. I have no idea who this guy is. The scary part though, he totally makes my stomach do backflips. This is not good. Not good at all.

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  1. Thanks for having me on the blogfest! So many great new books to read!!!

  2. Hi, Brenda! I haven't read a good love story since Danielle Steel and Nora Roberts. You have definitely surpassed their love scenes. The excerpts had me wanting to find out more of this heated physical contacts! Good luck in all you do, you did a great job with your blog!

  3. Thank you, Sara!!!! <3 that means so much!