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Looking for a new book boyfriend…….
Hello All- My name is B. Kristin McMichael and I am the author of several YA series (The Blue Eyes Trilogy, The Day Human Trilogy, and The Chalcedony Chronicles). I write YA paranormal and YA/NA time travel. While all three series have different surroundings and different characters, one thing you always have to look for is the guys! Do you like your guys tough and stubborn, kind and selfless, or do you want the knight in shining armor? With several series to work on, I can have fun writing about different types of guys. I figured a fun way to introduce you to my novels is to do dating profiles of the men in my novels: Seth Sangre (The Chalcedony Chronicles), Devin Alexander (The Blue Eyes Trilogy and The Day Human Trilogy) and Andrew Lucan (The Blue Eyes Trilogy). (And to compliment these- I am posting dating profiles of my three female leads from the same novels on my own webpage)
Profile #1 - Andrew Lucan (a night human who drinks human blood)
Age: 18
Height: 5’10”
Body Type: Lean, but not out of shape
Sign: Leo
Location: The Midwest
Job: High school student
Strongest personality trait: Survivor        
Your TV twin:  John Snow- Game of Thrones 

At a glance:
I’m just your typical high school senior looking forward to leaving the family home and being on my own. I currently live with my uncle and to say we have family issues is to put it mildly. The fact that we turn into large albino men at night time and feed on human blood and emotions is the least of our problems. I’m looking for a girl that can understand that I might need a bit of space to deal with my family issues. But don’t let that scare you away. Once I fall in love, I am as loyal as one can get. I prefer to spend time with small groups versus large groups of people and have a bit of a romantic side to me.
Three Quick Questions:
-Favorite color- black
-Type of paranormal- baku
-Personality- musical, artsy, quiet
Read more about Andrew Lucan in The Blue Eyes Trilogy

Profile #2 - Devin Alexander (a day human who lives in the night human world)
Age: 19
Height: 6’2”
Body Type: fit
Sign: Capricorn
Location: Here, there, and everywhere, currently residing in the Appalachian Mountains
Job: Personal Guard
Strongest personality trait: Loyal

At a glance:
I have spent my life in the night human world and don’t see any future that doesn’t include night humans. But don’t let that fool you; I have no desire to be turned into one of them. I’m perfectly content to be a day human and not have to drink blood all the time. I lead a very full life between being a personal guard and training when I get free time. I’m dedicated to my work and any girl I find will have to understand that. I believe in being a gentleman and was raised to protect those I love with every fiber of my being. I’d love to list personal hobbies, but beyond training, I haven’t found time for any. My motto is “do your best and then strive to be even better”.
Three Quick Questions:
-How do you keep in shape- working out of course, knives, swords, hand to hand combat.
-What are your plans for the future- still trying to figure that one out…
-Describe your perfect girl- petite, fun, happy, kind

Read more about Devin Alexander in “The Blue Eyes Trilogy” and “The Day Human Trilogy

Profile #3 - Seth Sangre (a time traveler from ancient Egypt that is stuck in the present day)
Age: 20
Height: 6’0”
Body Type: Muscular
Sign: Aries
Location: Currently in Minnesota, raised in unknown location
Job: College student, star football quarterback… and “various responsibilities” before going off to college that don’t seem to fit into any job description anyone would understand
Strongest personality trait: Confidence
Your Actor twin: Bernardo Velasco          

At a glance:
I’m starting my second year in college and find that the American college life is quite exciting and fun. I may have come here for other reasons, but while I’m here, I might as well enjoy the college life and all it has to offer. I play football and can’t deny I am good at it, but it is more of a hobby for me and my two brothers. We are a bit of a package deal and any girl that wants to date me better went to the same college. I prefer sunshine to snow, water to mountains, and outdoors to indoors. I’m looking for a girl with spunk and attitude that can keep up with me and my world.
Three Quick Questions:
-Tighties or briefs– Ummmm, do you have to wear any at all?
-Your best feature- my eyes
-Best vacation spot- Caribbean with the clear skies and perfectly blue water
Read more about Seth Sangre in “The Chalcedony Chronicles

B. Kristin McMichael is the author of YA and clean NA paranormal fiction. Her vampiric "Night Human World" includes the YA coming of age series "The Blue Eyes Trilogy" and the spin-off adventure series "The Day Human Trilogy". She's also the author of the NA time travel romance series "The Chalcedony Chronicles".

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B. Kristin graduated with her PhD in biology at Ohio State where she worked as a scientist before taking her passion of writing full-time. Besides writing, she enjoys chasing her kids, playing outside, and baking cookies.

B. Kristin McMichael lives in Ohio with her husband and three children.

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  1. I read the blue eyes books and adored them! I'm going to read The Day Human series next, I was just waiting for the third book to be released, so now I can't wait to read them!

  2. One of the first things I do is look at the covers. Wow! Love the Legend of the Blue Eyes and the Day Human Prince covers! I think when I grow up for the third time, I want to create covers. To me, the cover is just as important as the story itself.

    The descriptions of the guys in your stories are as different as night and day. I too enjoy creating my characters, giving them names to suit their role in the story. I will have to go and read about all your books. Andrea says The Day Human Series is great. I'll start there.

    Good luck in all you write!