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Description for The Sower Comes

“Kneel before the Light…and stand against the Darkness.”

As the new king of a world in turmoil, life isn’t easy for David Corbin. 

Abby Brown, the girl he loves, has vanished, and David fears the worst: that she was brutally murdered by the Daughters of Mercy, vicious creatures employed by Tynan Tierney, an evil lord vying for the throne. The powerful Eastern Oracle has pledged loyalty to Tierney's cause and all communication with David and the other three Oracles has ceased. Cai Terenmare is on the brink of war. And, to make matters worse, a new evil has arisen, the mysterious Sower, a monster puppeteered by Tierney himself. 

On the bright side, David has his treacherous aunt locked up in his dungeon. Lucia's not happy that her lover, Tierney, tried to kill her, and she owes David for saving her life. Lucia may have critical information about Tierney's plans for the Sower, but after all the trouble she's caused, can David ever trust her again?

Interview with the Boys of the Solas Beir Trilogy 

By Alexa Sanchez, Reporter for the Newcastle Beach Gazette

Alexa: Today I’m interviewing David Corbin and Jonathon Reyes from The Solas Beir Trilogy. David, Jon, thanks for joining me. 

The third book in the trilogy, The Sower Comes, just released this July. When we left you guys in the second book, things were looking pretty grim. Jon had been taken captive by Lucia and the Blood Shadows and Cael, your mentor, was seriously injured, so David had to heal him, right?

David (nods): Yeah, that’s right. I used my powers as Solas Beir to heal him, and took his injury for my own. The wound was a bad one, so it took a while for my cells to regenerate. Luckily Marisol was able to patch me up enough that we could cross the Barren and return home to Caislucis. 

Alexa: And Abby? Can you tell us what happened to her?

David: That’s, uh, difficult to talk about.

Jon (puts his hand on David’s shoulder): I’ll take this one. There was a huge battle at the Eye of the Needle—it’s this rock spire in the desert. There’s a portal there, and we planned to use it to escape the Shadows, but it didn’t work. So next thing we know, we’re ambushed, both by Tierney’s army of bogeymen and by the Daughters of Mercy.

Alexa: Daughters of Mercy?

Jon: Yeah, they’re these warrior women who kinda look like angels. But they’re not angels, believe me. Anyway, the Daughters were attacking us from the air, so David and Abby flew up to meet them, to try to convince them to join us instead of helping Tierney. But the Daughters snatched Abby and herded her into their nest at the top of the Eye. After she went into the cave, she vanished. 

Alexa: And do you think she’s still alive?

Jon: I do. I have to believe that.

Alexa: David?

David (looks away): I…don’t know. I want so badly to believe she is, but the bond she and I shared…I can’t feel her anymore. I can’t sense her presence. If she was alive—

Jon: No—don’t even say it, man. Look, David looked for her everywhere and he couldn’t find her. But that doesn’t mean she’s not still out there somewhere. Abby and I have a bond too, and I say she’s alive.

Alexa: Okay, let’s talk about your relationship with each other. You weren’t always friends.

Jon: Nope.

Alexa: Because of Abby.

David and Jon look at each other and then both answer: Yeah.

David (laughs): Shall I take this one?

Jon (shrugs): Be my guest.

David: Abby and Jon have been best friends forever, so it was hard for him when I came along. Abby started spending more time with me, and he felt protective of her. I also think he had a crush on her, and there was some jealously there.

Jon: That, and you were a stuck-up rich boy.

David: Ouch. I thought we were past all that.

Jon: Kidding. But admit it dude, you can be a little arrogant.

David (grins and punches Jon’s arm playfully): Only if you admit you’re not as charming as you think you are.

Jon (smiles and holds up his hands): Hey, I just try not to take myself too seriously. Life is serious enough—sometimes you have to laugh stuff off. It’s not my fault if people find my wit endearing. You, my friend, could use a sense of humor.

David (crosses arms): I have one. But someone’s got to make tough decisions. It’s not easy being in charge, you know.

Alexa: All right, boys. Let’s talk about that. Power always comes with a price. That’s a lesson you’ve learned during your reign as Solas Beir, isn’t it, David? 

David: It is. I have power, but it comes with a cost. If I heal someone, I take their injury. Or, if I overextend myself using power, my own energy gets depleted. I have to make choices about how I use my gifts, and about who I can save. My abilities are a blessing and a curse.

Alexa: I see. Jon, you’ve had to make some hard choices too. Tell us about the sacrifices you’ve had to make. Why did Lucia take you captive?

Jon (frowns): Well, it has to do with that little dirtbag, Malden. He’s obsessed with my girlfriend, Marisol. You said power always comes with a price, and that’s true. Marisol’s grandma wanted power, so she consorted with a powerful but evil being she knew as La Malogra. He gave her what she wanted, but neglected to tell her that the price would be her daughter and granddaughter. Malden hunted Marisol’s mom, and terrorized Marisol during her childhood. Sol thought she just had a lot of bad dreams, but it turns out, her bogeyman was real. 

David: A nightmare come to life.

Jon: Exactly. When we were fighting the Blood Shadows at the Eye of the Needle, Malden grabbed Marisol. He was going to take her with him, so he could torture her. I couldn’t let that happen. I offered myself to Tierney’s right hand Lucia as a hostage instead, and they took me.

Alexa: You paid the price.

Jon: Yeah. But I would do it again. That’s what you do when you love someone. Love is priceless but sometimes it costs you.

Tierney (waltzes into Alexa’s office and gives David a poisonous smile): Well, if it isn’t our illustrious young Lightbearer.

David (glares at Tierney): What are you doing here?

Jon: David’s not a Lightbearer. He’s the Solas Beir. He holds the throne. Not you.

Tierney (chuckles): For now. I’m here because I heard that the lovely Ms. Sanchez was interviewing the men of Cai Terenmare. Naturally, she’d want to interview me, but it seems my invitation was lost in the mail.

Jon (clenches fists): It wasn’t lost. You weren’t invited.

Tierney (pushes past Jon to take Alexa’s hand): Nonsense. Alexa, love, it’s wonderful to see you again. 

Alexa: Uh, thanks. Actually, I was planning on interviewing just David and Jon today, but perhaps we could schedule you for another time?

Tierney: Of course. I wouldn’t want to upset our king. Another time then, when it’s just the two of us, and not so…crowded. (He raises Alexa’s hand to his lips and kisses it.) Until then, my dear. (Tierney smirks at David and Jon and then leaves.)

David (watches Tierney leave through narrowed eyes and then draws his sword): I’m going to kill him.

Jon (grabs David’s arm): Whoa! Hold up—remember the prophecy? If you shed his blood, you’ll die. You can’t be the one to kill him. (He smiles.) But I can.

Alexa (holds up both hands): Okay boys, no spilling blood at the Gazette, please. See these white carpets? It will never come out.

David (sheathes sword): Fine. We’ll save it for the battlefield. 

Alexa: Thank you. Now, what was the deal with the Lightbearer comment?

David (sighs): Oh, that’s just an insult Tierney likes to throw my way now and again to try to get me riled up. I’m afraid it worked.

Jon: Solas Beir means king, right? Well, Lightbearer refers to a future ruler who doesn’t yet wear the crown. But the way Tierney used it…as Cai Terenmare slang….

David: It means a false king. A ruler who is inept.

Alexa: Clearly though, that’s not true. Not with the sacrifices you’ve made to help your people.

David: Thank you. I’d like to think so.

Alexa: All right, one last question, you guys. If your books were ever made into a movie, who would play you? Jon?

Jon: Hmm. Well, it would have to be someone who could accurately portray me, you know, be able to translate my good looks and charm to film—

David: Seriously, dude?

Jon: That was a joke, man. How about Tyler Posey? We kinda look alike.

Alexa: Okay, I can see that. David, what about you?

David: Someone up and coming, I think, with eyes similar to mine. Dylan Sprayberry could pull it off.

Or maybe, if it needed to be an actor who was a little older, Brant Daugherty.

Jon (bursts out laughing): Ha—you would have two people in mind already.

David: Bite me.

Jon: If you insist.

(Both laugh.)

Alexa: And Tierney? Who could play him?

David: Does he need a part? Because I think we could write him out of the whole thing.

Alexa (smiles): Every story needs a villain, David.

David: I suppose. 

Jon: Tom Hiddleston, maybe? I liked him as Loki.

Alexa: Maybe. He’s got the cheekbones for the part.

David: I’m not sure about the eyes though. Tierney’s, if you hadn’t noticed, are inhumanly dark. He’s not human though, so there you go.

Alexa (blushes): No, I uh, hadn’t noticed that. Well boys, thanks for your time. I believe I’ve got another interview to schedule. Best of luck with your war, and David, I do hope you find Abby.

David: Thanks. Me too.

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