Meet Author L.A. Cotton

Hello everyone, it’s the annual YA/NA blogfest and we have L A Cotton with us, author of NA college romantic suspense series, Chastity Falls.

BLOGFEST: Welcome L A, is it okay if we call you that, or do you have another name you prefer?

L A: My name is actually Lianne, so I’m happy for you to call me that, and thank you for having me.

BLOGFEST: (Glances to the two people seated beside L A) We notice you have two guests with you. Would you care to introduce them?

L A: Oh, yes, sure. This is Ana and Jackson from the series. I invited them along, I hope that’s okay?

BLOGFEST: Absolutely, the more the merrier. Welcome, Ana and Jackson, it’s great having you here.

(Ana smiles shyly and Jackson takes her hand in his pulling it onto his lap)

JACKSON: Thanks for having us.

BLOGFEST: So, what can you tell us about the series, Lianne?

L A: Well, the story is set in a small town called Chastity Falls in Oregon. When Ana arrives at the local college she quickly realizes all is not as it seems.

ANA: (Rolls her eyes away and mutters something under her breath) Understatement of the year.

JACKSON: (laughs) I still can’t believe you knew nothing about the town, about the Donohues.

BLOGFEST: The Donohues?

JACKSON: Shit, my bad, sorry.

L A: (glares at Jackson) Behave. The  Donohues are a well-known family in the area for their… er… less than legal activities. Their reputation proceeds them shall we say. But Ana, still in coming to terms with some life stuff, moved to Chastity Falls to escape. She didn’t think to do her research, and she certainly didn’t plan on meeting this one (thumbs to Jackson).

ANA: (groans) You might as well tell them. (Looks us in the eye) I lost my family and ex-boyfriend in an accident. I was in a bad place back then. Chastity Falls was about as far away from my home in Fort Pierce that you could get. I wasn’t exactly interested in the college brochure or meeting anyone. It just kind of happened.

BLOGFEST: We’re very sorry for your loss.

ANA: (smiles weakly and tries to rub at her right wrist but Jackson stops her) Thanks.

JACKSON: Look, man, you should really read the first two books if you want to know everything. There’s a lot we can’t really talk about, not here, not like this.

BLOGFEST: Okay, well we’ll have to do that. So, Lianne, the third book is due for release August 20th?  (Glances at Jackson) Without giving too much away, what can we expect?

L A: More secrets, a whole lot of drama and action, plenty of angst, and some steamy scenes, right guys? (Chuckles to herself)

ANA: Seriously, Lianne, you went there?

JACKSON: (Curses to himself) Chicks.

L A: I should probably say that the third book, Tribulation and Truths, is a continuation of the first two books, so anyone wanting to start the series should read Loyalty and Lies first and then move onto Salvation and Secrets.

BLOGFEST: It all sounds very intriguing, and I’m sure our readers will want to know, can we expect a happy ending?

JACKSON / ANA: (Jackson frowns looking to Ana) You better ask the boss… (both turn their attention to L A)

L A: (Smirks) Now, that would be telling, wouldn’t it?

BLOGFEST: A huge Blogfest thank you to Lianne, Jackson, and Ana for joining us. There you have it folks. Chastity Falls sounds like a real page turner with plenty of twists and turns, secrets and mystery. We’ll definitely be checking it out!

 More about the author:

L.A is author of the Fate’s Love Series and Chastity Falls Series. Home is a small town in the middle of England where she currently juggles being a full-time mum to two little people with writing. In her spare time (and when she’s not camped out in front of the laptop) you’ll most likely find L. A immersed in a book, escaping the chaos that is life.

You can connect with her at:

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