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I am a young adult author who just released the final installment in

The Love Series trilogy!

After receiving an associate’s degree in Fashion Merchandising from the Fashion Institute of Technology I earned a bachelor’s degree in applied science from the State University of Oneonta.  I moved away from my hometown, Oneonta, NY, upon graduation and moved to Concord, North Carolina with my husband where I pursued a career in the retail world.  Several years later, feeling unsatisfied in my career, I dove head first into writing my first book.  I can usually be found with an iced coffee in one hand and a pen in the other.

My world was created post WWWIII and is divided into nine units,
most are heavily controlled by the corrupted government.
How do you think you would you fit into this world?

The Love Series is a dystopian/utopia blended love story.  If you find yourself loving the Divergent series, The Hunger Games, the Matched Trilogy or the Shatter Me series, you may just fall in love with my series as well!  Check out these amazing book trailers to get a better look into The Love Series World.

Now, the main male character caught a bit of heat from my readers.  At times he came off as an arrogant, self-centered, condescending misguided jerk.  And while that all may be true, he was mostly misunderstood.  For a better understanding of Braiden's motives and thought process I thought I'd share an interview with him post Torn True Love.

Reader- “Braiden what do you have against the 'Headquarters'? Why are you so against pairing?”

Braiden- “I grew up in a home where pairing was a constant problem. I saw how it tore my parents apart, and I never wanted that for myself.  I have my own reasons as to why I am against Headquarters, for now I’ll just say that I don't share the same opinions as they do. And while I understand that everyone will not always see eye to eye, I don't like being forced into something I don't agree with. The "our way or the highway" doesn't sit well with me.

Reader- “Despite being so obviously against pairing, why did you go ahead and decide to date Krissa?”

Braiden-  “A few reasons. 1. I really did like Krissa. In the beginning it felt natural with her, it was the unfortunate circumstances we faced that made it forced and unnatural. 2. It’s not that I wanted to be rebellious, that wasn’t my intention, but I wanted to do what felt right. However, what I felt was right and what our government felt was right, didn't align. I'd hoped that maybe there was a chance I could conform, but it felt so foreign. 3. I felt the pressure from my parents and peers around me. Because I felt such a connection with her I decided to give it a go. But that life wasn't for me at that point in time.” 

Reader- “How do you feel about love? Do you love Krissa?”  

Braiden: “I've never had a perfect example of love so it's hard to answer that. My dad, who supposedly loved me, left. He fought my mom and they were supposed to love one another. The definition of love is "a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person" which I absolutely have for Krissa.  It's the commitment end of it that is difficult for me. A pledge/promise and the obligation is what I have a problem with.

Reader: “Why after all you've been through with Krissa did you decide to leave, abandoning her, leaving to chance that she may become a sweeper?

Braiden: “I know this will sound selfish, but I had to figure myself out. We’re so young and yet our government expects us to make decisions that affect the REST of our lives. I wasn't ready to make that decision. I was doing my best for everyone at that time. A part of me hoped that she would find someone else and live out the fairytale ending that she wanted so badly because I knew I couldn't be what she wanted. But I also hoped she didn’t because there is a much bigger, greater cause that I want to share with her.”

Reader- “What do people not understand about you? What do you want people to know?”

Braiden: “I know that I am not perfect, and that I've hurt people while I've tried to figure my shit out. My life is much more complicated than it seems and I hope that as our story unfolds people will view me in a different light. Just because I don't believe in a life our government has predetermined for us doesn't mean I don't believe in a future.”

Reader- “Last question, it’s a random one. Chocolate or Vanilla?”

Braiden: “Twist.  I want the best of both worlds.  Blending the two is the only way to go.  Having to choose one doesn’t cut it for me.”

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  1. Hi K.D.! I have already connected with Braiden. I have a visual view of him and can see in my minds eye how he treats Krissa. If Krissa read the interview, I think she'd fall for him over Duke. What bad boy is going to know what the definition of love is? He is spot on. I haven't read the book yet, but I have my theories already! :) I pick Braiden! Great Blog. I love the trailers you have created!