Meet Author Dorothy Dreyer

Sophia: Hi, I’m Sophia, and today I’m interviewing a trio of teens: a young woman and two young men from the Reaper’s Rite series written by Dorothy Dreyer. First, let me introduce our readers to Zadie, Gavin, and Chase.

Gavin: Sorry we were late today. We’ve, uh, got a lot going on.

Sophia: What seems to be the problem?

Zadie: I don’t really want to talk about it.

Chase: And you don’t need to talk about it. I’ll fix the problem.

Gavin: You might not be fast enough, Chase. How long will it take you to make an anti-sleepwalking potion?

Sophia: You’ve been sleepwalking, Zadie?

Zadie: I wish I could say that’s all it is. I’m not so sure.

Sophia: What do you mean? What else could it be?

Gavin: It could be a Reaper taunting her.

Chase: Gavin!

Gavin: Zadie, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.

Zadie: No, it’s okay. You’re right. It could be a Reaper.

Sophia: And an anti-sleepwalking potion would … stop a Reaper?

Chase: No. But it could help Zadie from falling under a trance.

Gavin: A trance a Reaper might put her under.

Sophia: And what happens if you fall under a trance, Zadie?

Zadie: There’s no telling. I might … hurt somebody.

Chase: Or hurt herself.

Gavin: We can’t let that happen.

Chase: Any of it.

Sophia: Do you feel you’ve fallen under a Reaper’s control before?

Zadie: I can’t be totally sure. All I know is I wake up in strange places with no memory of how I got there.

Sophia: That sounds scary.

Zadie: You don’t know the half of it.

Gavin: Which is why we’ve decided to keep a closer eye on her.

Chase: Day and night.

Gavin: Even if that means sneaking into her room without her father knowing. Just to keep an eye on her.

Chase: Or staking out her house. There a good view of her window from the street.

Gavin: As long as you stay in your case and don’t get any funny ideas about climbing up to her window, Chase.

Chase: I can’t make any promises. I mean, if I see something suspicious, there won’t be any holding me back.

Sophia: Is there some kind of trust issue going on here?

Gavin: Yes.

Chase: No.

Sophia: Zadie, what’s your opinion on this? Zadie? Zadie, are you all right? What’s wrong with your eyes? Zadie? Where are you going?

Chase: Crap.

Gavin: Sorry, Sophia. We’ve got to go.

Sophia: Oh! Hey, you carry daggers with you? Is that legal? Wait! Where are you all going?

Sophia: Well, dear readers, I guess that ends our interview for today. Let’s cross our fingers Zadie will be all right.


Dorothy Dreyer is the author of the young adult dark paranormal Reaper’s Rite series, published by Month9Books. My Sister’s Reaper and My Tethered Soul are available now. The third book in the series is due out spring of 2016.

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