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There are six candidates for the position of barn leader. The leader will be responsible for a barn of ten winged horses, their riders, and their grooms. He or she will also have to drill the riders and horses in aerial dances and races to prepare for the Aerial Games, a sort of Olympics in the air. Read this interview carefully. Who would you select if you were Lady Elizabeth?

Lady Elizabeth: Oh, welcome and good morning! Let me take a moment to introduce myself since, after all, I will be the patroness of the new barn with its ten winged horses. My papa is making all the arrangements for the building of the barn, but he promised I shall be the one to select the barn leader. The six of you are to be considered for the job. Now where shall I start? How about Davyd? I am intrigued by you being here, Davyd, since you are not a winged horse rider at all. Why do you think you should be barn leader?

Davyd: To be honest, milady, I am quite happy being High Meadow’s tavern keeper. I understand, though, that you want someone well respected in the town. I was one of the founders that helped bring the winged horses here.

Emma: He’d be a great barn leader! High Meadow’s people love him. He’s very organized and cares deeply for people. 

Davyd: Well, I do for you, my love. But actually, Lady Elizabeth, Emma would be a good barn leader. She’s an excellent rider and well loved by everyone.

Emma: Hush now, you’ll make me blush. I have the baby to care for, you know. I won’t have time to be a barn leader.

Evan: Just like you, Davyd, to push her into even more work. My brother’s right about one thing, Lady Elizabeth, Emma would be a good choice to lead a barn. She’s charming and intelligent as well as beautiful.

Lady Elizabeth: Oh, sounds like Emma has two champions. And brothers, you say? I can imagine that gets awkward sometimes. What about you, Nia? You’re a little young to lead a barn, but you were recommended.

Nia: My name has been put forth by several factions. I’m not sure why they would want an untried teenaged girl to lead. I can only imagine they think they can manipulate me to do what they want. I will not be manipulated. In fact, I won’t take the job of leader unless I can determine for sure that no one expects me to be their puppet. I will run it my way or I won’t run it all.

Lady Elizabeth: My, such strong words from such a little lady. 

Evan: Nia’s not so innocent. 

Nia: What do you mean?

Evan: Aw, look at her blush!

Ralf: Aren’t we here to discuss the future? I think the leader of the new barn should be someone with a different viewpoint so High Meadow barns don’t face the problems that plagued Tremeirchson and forced us to move.

Davyd: I suppose, as the rebellious one, that you are full of these good ideas?

Ralf: The winged horses need to be returned to Tremeirchson, their ancestral home. 

Davyd: And an untried youngster, a stranger to High Meadow can do that? You’ve never even been in a barn!

Alyna: Davyd, please, he’s my brother. He means well, and he has a point.

Nia: Alyna would be a good leader. She’s young like me, but new to High Meadow. She has only her winged horse’s wellbeing in mind. If she cares for a whole barn the way she does that horse, it would be the best-run barn in High Meadow!

Evan: Maybe you two young girls should take it on together? Would you like that, Alyna?

Nia: Stop it, Evan. You’re making her uncomfortable.

Emma: Come here, Alyna, sit by me. Don’t pay any attention to Evan.
Evan: Lady Elizabeth, I am the only viable candidate. After all, I’m the only one who has actually led a barn of winged horses. Alpha Barn was a tribute--a barn full of all-white winged horses and expert riders.

Davyd: And look where that got you. Interviewing for another barn to lead? Really? As I see it, Nia and Alyna will be good leaders someday. They’re too young right now. Ralf is too much of a rebel. Not everyone will follow him willingly. Evan is quite selfish, to be honest. He has only his own welfare at heart, not that of the barn. Emma is a mentor to all the riders. She’s perfect.

Lady Elizabeth: And what about you, Davyd?

Emma: I think…

Lady Elizabeth: I want to hear from him.

Davyd: I would respectfully accept the honor, milady.

Lady Elizabeth: I can see why each of you has been recommended to me, but I don’t see a clear favorite. I will have to think on this. You are dismissed.

These candidates are key characters in my three flying horse novels.

On a Wing and a Dare                       
Davyd, Emma, Evan

In the Winds of Danger                     
Nia, Evan

Under a Wild and Darkening Sky     
Davyd, Alyna, Ralf     

So those are the candidates. Who would you choose?

Apryl Baker


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    1. I agree with the choice of Nia, but would like to know more about Nia's thoughts on the future of the Winged Horses in High Meadow

    2. Ah, you go with the untried young girl? :)