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“I grab my scarf and go for a walk. It’s chilly, but it’s not unbearable. Or perhaps my love for Oliver is keeping me a bit warmer lately.”

Lauren needs to get away--
to find a new life in the city
She searches for anything she can find
In an attempt to feel pretty
Her bags are neatly packed;
Driven by the promise of a clean slate--
She leaves her old self in the small town;
Her demons will have to wait.
Fitting into the crowd,
She’s simple and cliche:
“Would you like a croissant this morning?
Whipped topping on that latte?”
Struggling to finish a canvas
That she started too long ago:
It sits there, judging her,
Reminding her she’s slow.
Between breaths while deconstructing gods,
She befriends a mysterious man.
He’s handsome; notoriously coveted--
Oliver gently takes her hand.
Sweeps her off her feet
They fall for each other
Become another cliche in a corner booth
End up lovers
She soon realizes
Her old life isn’t easily outrun.
Her demons are coming for her--
Could Oliver be one?

“Oliver lets out a breathy moan. He hasn’t seen this side of her in so long. He knows now that she is ready for him.”

Kari Fisher is an author, poet and a Director of Human Resources who has made Northern Ontario her home. She is a fan of many different types of literature and music, and spends her days grooming dogs as a hobby and writing while sipping coffee, which she is hopelessly addicted to. Kari loves food, and so does her cat, NyQuil. On Facebook, you’ll often read her frustrating rants about how NyQuil has gotten into something again—last night he opened a kitchen cupboard and ate through a box of stove-top stuffing while Kari slept.
Kari was raised in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, and studied at Champlain Regional College in Sherbrooke, Quebec, before settling down in Northern Ontario. In 2014, Kari self-published her debut novel, Through Glass, which was re-released through Limitless Publishing in March of 2015. Her second book, Broken Glass, is to be released later this year.

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