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Fear and Love: Can They Go Together?

*waves to the readers* My name is allyn lesley, and I released my debut novel, Deeper, a few days ago, and in a matter of weeks my short story, Liar, will be a part of an anthology entitled Once: A Collection of Sinfully Sexy and Twisted Tales. Both novels bring me to this curious blog post title: fear and romance. We’ve all experienced both—sometimes separately and sometimes simultaneously. Like two of my main characters whom I’ll dish about below, I’m fearful.

You may be wondering: what has me this way? Well, it’s simply releasing my novels to the public. It’s still a fear that runs deeply even days after my release. By the time this post goes live, my debut will have been on the market for eighteen days. When I shared my fear with friends and family members, they all said the same thing: just go ahead and release your work. Like the characters in my novels, I’ve bitten the bullet, swallowed my fear to pursue my desire to become a romance novelist.

Allow me to introduce Avianna ‘Avi’ Linton from Deeper and Gabriel ‘Gabe’ McIntyre from Liar whose fears are a bit more complicated than mine. Deeper is a romantic suspense novel about a woman whose fear drove her from Florida to New York City and into the arms of an enigmatic man, Noah Adams. Liar is a contemporary new adult story about a man whose decision from his youth has left him fearful of love.

Let’s get a glimpse of who these characters are followed by a snippet of the novels featuring their lives. 

Summary: For love, some people would do anythingeven turn their backs on the only life they've ever known. In Deeper, Noah Adams and Avianna Linton must stand united against the sins of their pasts that threaten to destroy their love and end their lives.

© allyn lesley 2015


“Get the fuck out.” 

The pain in his words cut her to the quick. Behind a fist, she swallowed a sob that threatened to erupt. He was talking to her with such...

Words failed her.

The look of utter rejection blared at her from his stiff body. His direct gaze had her hurrying toward him when she should’ve run away.

“Leave. Now.” 


“I’m warning you...”

“And I said, no.” Avi enunciated each word.

They were going to have this out, right now and right here. He hadn’t backed away from her when he had relentlessly pursued her. How many times had she told Noah she wasn’t interested? He disregarded everything Avi’s lips told him—seeing through her lies—and heard her true emotions. Emotions that she hid behind a thick wall of fear. And that was exactly what she planned on doing today. He was telling her one thing, but Avi held onto the belief that deep down, he meant something else. Maybe he still wanted her like she wanted and needed him.

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Summary: There are many reasons people lie. We’re told lying is never a good thing. This story is about two men and a woman who are all connected by a bold lie that could transform all their lives. This isn’t your typical threesome, and these aren’t typical lies.

© allyn lesley 2015

A folded piece of paper slides across the table toward me. The slender fingers and low cut nails capture my attention longer than is appropriate because she belongs to someone else. I stare down at my notes and try to remember I’m here to study for a test. My heart is in my throat and I feel nervous perspiration pop up along my upper lip.

“Open it.”

I slowly unfold the paper, hoping I’ll see words of regret about her relationship with Gage, and her longing to be with me. But all I see are four short words: what’s wrong with me?
That is all she wrote. In block letters. My heart misses a few beats before it begins stuttering to find its rhythm. Lori catches me off guard when she quickly turns in her chair, freezing me in my seat. As a tear tumbles from her eye, I reach out a finger, lightly graze her cheek, and realize her skin feels softer than I’ve ever imagined it would.

“What’s wrong with me, Gabe?”

The loaded question hangs in the air, but I can’t open my mouth. Her low sobs tear through my indecisiveness and spur my actions, which surprise me. I grab her by her waist, awkwardly bringing us to a standing position and I fold her into an embrace. Her tears seep through the thin, cotton material of my crew-neck shirt, and all I want to do is comfort her.

“Nothing.” My brother is an asshole. “You’re perfect, Lori.”

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