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Do you like big bears with hearts of gold?
If so, Bear Hearts is the book for you!

Coming May 27!

Fate brought them together. Lies keep them apart. Love could set them free. All they need is to trust in Bear Hearts.
Fate has dealt bear shifter Martin Kruger and rotten hand. His destined mate, Dr. Elizabeth Montrose, is the enemy and suffers from a fatal illness. He‘s waited over two hundred years for a mate he might never have the chance to claim.

Elizabeth has long ago given up dreams of love, marriage and children. Her life is her research and now that is gone in a puff of smoke, thanks to the bears of Honey Corners. A tiny spark of hope blooms in her heart when the handsome bear tells her they are mates, but will that instinctual bond be enough to overcome all that stands between them?
Bear Hearts is book 2 in the Animal in me series. This is my first paranormal series and I am loving it! The stories take place in the small towns of Honey Corner’s and Wolvesburg, West Virginia. Two shifter run towns that are united by an alliance. 

They feature my favorite shifters, bears and wolves. Is there anything sexier? The first book, Hers to Bear

Features hero, Bern Helms, who is loosely based on my own dear husband. Tall, broad, and decidedly growly, especially when he’s hungry! I loved the cast of characters in this book so much that it became a series. 

Each book in this series is very different. Hers to Bear is very funny, although it does also have some suspense and adventure. While Bear Hearts is darker and more emotionally driven. Next in the series will be Grin and Bear It, coming this fall. Gina and Guile’s story will be action packed, as they work to defeat Gina’s ex, a mobbed up gambler from Atlantic City out to capture the “girl that got away.”

In 2016, you can expect Alice and Sebastian’s book. One I know many of you are waiting for. The snarky Alice has met her match in the supercilious Sebastian, and the sparks are gonna fly! And last but not least will be Hans and Ivan, a Bear and a wolf, both alpha, both gay, but one unwilling to admit his proclivities to his pack. Poor Hans…

Here’s a little snippet from Bear Hearts to whet your appetite.

“More shifter secrets that the lowly human can’t know. I get it.” Liz looked down at her lap. The tiny seed of hope turning to dust and blowing away in the wind. She looked up at Martin and felt such loss. He was a beautiful man. Tall and broad, with dark brown hair closely cropped to his head and deep chocolate eyes she could get lost in for hours. He obviously had great sense of loyalty and honor, traits she appreciated, and she’d seen humor and warmth flash in his eyes, though briefly. 

As passionately as he defended his clan, or what was it he called it? Sippe? The fire that flared in his eyes when he was angry, Liz could just imagine that intensity turned into a different kind of passion. Turned into sexual passion, lust, maybe even love. To be the recipient of that would be amazing, but it would never be. Whether his goddess had deemed they were mates or not. Martin would never trust her and they would never be together.

Martin must have seen the change in her mood, he put his dinner aside and moved to sit on the side of the bed and took her in his arms. “Please leibchen, please try to understand.” His eyes pleaded with her. “Give me time. Give us a chance.” Then he kissed her. A real kiss this time. He took her mouth like a starving man, devouring her will to resist and she let him.

If this was all she’d ever have of him, she might as well take what she could get. As his tongue dueled with hers she allowed her hands to explore his upper body, sliding up his hard chest, over his broad shoulders and down his bulging biceps. She couldn’t get enough, wanted more, needed him closer. 

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