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Hi friends!  Seeing how this is the month for romance, I have a question for you all.  Does anybody else feel like the Phantom got the raw end of the deal with Christine?  Am I the only one who empathized with the misunderstood, hurt, but sometimes devious Phantom of the Opera?  I blame my seventh grade English class for forever changing my definition of a monster, because I fell for the masked villain then, and have been recreating the mythical monsters in the novels I write since! 

Which novels might those be?

I may not have the Phantom (though I’m seriously considering creating such a character soon), my books do have their fair share of monsters.

My latest release, Holy and The Fallen, book two in the Watchers of Men series, is filled with angels, demons, fallen angels, claws, fangs, battles, blood, and fire.

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Hidden Monster, book one in the Monsters Among Us series, is no stranger to monsters either.  With a who-done-it kidnapping, finding the real monster keeps you guessing until the end!

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So since we are on the topic of monsters, and the possibility of falling in love with one, have you ever wondered what mythical creature you might be?  Would you soar through the sky with the wings of a fairy?  Or dive into the deep with the flick of a tail?  Or perhaps, you’d be a dark monster, lurking in the shadows, waiting for the perfect time to attack your prey…  

Want to find out?  How about a little quiz?

Hope you had fun finding your own inner monster J  

A little about me:  Mother of three by day, story spinner by night, I've had a love for writing my entire life.  Other passions include reading, people watching (not the creepy kind mind you), and finding the answer to all the 'what if' questions out there in the Universe!  Fascinated by myths and legends, my stories tend to veer into the paranormal, with a splash of romance, action, and at times, suspense and horror.  Since my first book was published in the fall of 2013, I’ve enjoyed connecting with fans and readers from all over the world!  With every novel I write, I hope to entertain, captivate, and inspire my readers!

Want to know more?

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Instagram: Amanda.Strong

My Books:
The Awakener (Book One Watchers of Men) ***FREE***
Holy and the Fallen (Book Two Watchers of Men)
Hidden Monster (Monsters Among Us)
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