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Thank you sooooooo much Apryl Baker for the amazing opportunity to be a part of your annual Romance Blogfest!

First I guess I should introduce myself:

I am Hally Willmott - Author of The Elemental Series
I was sitting back and looking at all of the posts in regards to Romance - I can tell you that none of the books I have written have any kind of skin or sexual act being preformed on the front cover... in saying that I may have turned off a few people who would normally read this blog.  For that I apologize.  For not being a 50 shades of you know what - I am pretty proud of it.
In my day job - I am a Police Officer that goes into the Secondary schools in my area - I was very torn when it came to talking about sex and sex acts - do they constitute Romance???

When I first began writing I was all about the make believe worlds of Faries, Elves and Dwarfs.  
Once my first novel was published ....     Awakenings

I learned that in the world of writing there are always the go to safe zones - Meaning - if you want people to by your books Romance is the way to go...

Initially I was a little put off - thinking - Hey - I loved Twilight, Divergent and Hunger games - and NONE of those books were "Romance"...
What I missed was the element of Romance - 
There is a little bit of tingly feelings and such in book one - but there is no real thrown down Romance happening.

I was comfortable with this - basically because the book didn't call for any "Scenes" that I wouldn't want my nieces, mother in law or mom reading!

Don't get me wrong - I understand the need for Romance in novels - I LOVE the idea of star-crossed lovers finally getting the opportunity to be together!  I will always root for the underdog:)

Where I was more than a little confused was when I tired to force romance into the story line of The Elemental Series - Something that the story wouldn't allow for me to do.

Does Romance sell better.... does it make the story better?
In book two - Revelations

I spiced it up a bit - and believe it or not - I was given some of the ideas from my mother in law, sister in law and nieces.

I was a little leery about adding some of the scenes - but they turned out GREAT!
There wasn't a lot of description or terminology used to create the scenes.

I left a lot of it to the imagination of the reader.

For the next installment of the series - I chose to create a handbook. 
 In the handbook there is a novella about one of the characters from book two.  The scene in this book is a little more risky than in any of the other books.  What I really liked about the story was the fact that no where within the novella dies it give the gender of the character. 


My reasoning was clear to me - I believe in love for love's sake - I believe that it doesn't matter the gender of the person as much as the person themselves. 

Now - to introduce the two main male characters vying for the attention of the main female character - 

I do have to say that the next two installments in The Elemental Series will have a lot more action and Romance in them - I believe in growing the story line to include scenes and romance!

Not to stray from this thought - but - I am also writing a few adult books that have romance, sex and adult relationships from the beginning of the book - I think genre has a lot to do with when and how we introduce certain aspects in a story.  I was way more comfortable writing scenes in an adult book than in a YA book...What are your thoughts on this?

Thank you for taking the time to read my post!  I hope to hear from you!

Please feel free to contact me at anytime!

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  1. Hally, I agree with you about the sex! It's an ongoing argument: romance vs. sexmance. I personally like to use my own imagination. I don't have to have a play by play! Good on you!

    1. Thanks Janet!!! I appreciate you taking the time to read my post and comment:) Imagination goes a longgggggggggggggggggg way:)