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Casting Unrequited – Emily Shaffer

Casting Unrequited as a movie is both easy and difficult.  I have clear visions of the characters, but finding the right actor, of the right age, isn’t easy.  For example, in my mind Ashton looks a lot like Jennifer Connolly…twenty years ago. 

After doing a little thinking and a lot of searching, I think I have finally cast a few of the characters from Unrequited.

Ashton Wallace – Jessica Stroup 

After finally accepting that Jennifer Connolly was out of the running, I found my Ashton.  Jessica Stroup, physically, fits in with how I imagined Ashton.  I have not seen a lot of her work, but I do know she can play a gal who has her walls up and is on guard.  Ashton is a girl who is scared and fights that fear by wearing an extremely hard-to-crack shell.  I think Jessica could get that quality across on screen.

Will Leighton – Liam Hemsworth

Liam has the “otherworldly” eyes you might expect from a blue-eyed vampire.  He has a strength about him, but he can also have a very sweet quality.  Capturing Will’s kind and easygoing quality is really important.  Will is the definition of a “good guy”, and Liam fits that description well.

Griffin Devereaux – Colin O’Donoghue

Of all the characters, Griffin is the hardest for me to peg, possibly because he is my favorite.  There is a darkness about Griffin, but also a vulnerability.  I needed someone that could carry both of these qualities off, and look good doing it.  Griffin has also been around the longest, so I needed someone that you could believe had been alive centuries ago.

Henry Pike – Donald Sutherland

I love Donald Sutherland, and would put him in almost every single movie out there.  Henry is wise, funny, and curious about the world…and I believe Donald Sutherland is too.

Sarah (Ashton’s friend) – Kaitlyn Jenkins

Sarah is based on my real friend, also named Sarah.  When I first saw Kaitlyn on the now-cancelled show, Bunheads, she reminded me so much of my friend, that it was scary.  I think she would be perfect to play the sweet and quiet, but at times bubbly, Sarah.

Aimee (Ashton’s friend) – Bailey Buntain

Give Bailey some bright red hair, and she is Aimee.  I’ve seen Bailey in a couple of projects, and she can definitely play the tiny firecracker that I’ve always imagined in Aimee.

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  1. Isn't searching the Web fun when looking for the right "face"? You did well.