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Shannon Eckrich, YA paranormal romance author.
Sprinkling fiction into reality one word at a time.

Deep in the Pine Barrens Forest in Leeds Point, NJ, whispers echo through the trees. It is in this forest that locals and residents in the surrounding towns say a beast lives—a kangaroo-like creature with a head of a goat, leathery bat-like wings, horns, small arms with clawed hands, hooves for feet, and a forked tail. Many residents have reported sightings of this creature, and paranormal investigator groups have attempted to find it. But nobody has ever been able to prove the existence of this legend. Maybe, it’s because some secrets are worth keeping.

It’s no secret that I am fascinated with the paranormal. I love ghosts, mysteries, and legends. In fact, I find it difficult to write anything without any supernatural elements. So, after following the legend of the New Jersey Devil for a long time, I decided to write about it. Of course, it had to have a romantic twist. That’s why I based my novel off the legend, but added in some romantic elements. And, possibly a good looking guy and a witch. Hey, whatever works, right?

There are three rules in the small town of Leeds Point, New Jersey:
Never stay out after dark.
Never go into the Pineys.
And, more than anything, never speak of the Jersey Devil.

Serenity Cantwell knows all too well the Jersey Devil exists. The recurring nightmares of his glowing green eyes make their way into her dreams, causing her to relive her encounter with the beast every single night. But as people she knows start to disappear, and end up dead in the middle of the Pine Barrens, she pushes away her fear of the forest in search of answers.
What she finds will change her life forever. Secrets will be revealed, a curse will be set in motion, and friendships will be tested. But most of all, love could prove to be deadly.

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Here’s a short teaser from Kissing the Devil.

“Why do you keep coming back into the forest?”

His question took me by surprise. I swallowed hard as I gazed into his dark eyes. “I’m searching for the Jersey Devil.”

Sam’s lips creased into a smile. “Don’t you know that’s a myth?”

“It’s not a myth, Sam.” I tightened my lips. “He’s real. I’ve seen him twice. Once when I was a child, and I saw him last night, right before you showed up. Don’t you remember me asking you if you saw him?”

“I remember. But there was nothing there, Serenity. It was just us.”

I took a deep breath and looked out toward the trees. “Let me guess, you think I’m crazy, too?”

“I never once said you were crazy.” He laughed. “I just said I didn’t see anything. The forest is filled with creatures, but I don’t think the Jersey Devil is one of them.”

“Well, I beg to differ. I saw him. And he terrified me just as much as he did when I was a child.”

“Then why do you keep looking for him?” He turned and poked a stick through the burning embers of the fire pit. “If it scares you so much, why don’t you just leave well enough alone?”

“Because I need to know he’s real.” I glanced back at Sam.

“You already think he’s real, isn’t that enough for you?”

“I don’t know, Sam,” I finally caved. “It’s just that the vision of the devil has haunted me every night since I was little. I guess I just want to prove he is real to someone besides me.”

“Is the devil the only reason you came back into the forest today?”

I glanced down at the ground and bit the inside of my cheek. “No, Sam.”

Sam placed the stick on the ground and walked over to me, stopping just in front of me. “Of course, it isn’t.” Sam closed the gap between us and slid one of his arms around my waist, pulling me toward him. He placed the tip of his finger under my chin, lifting it up and forcing me to look at him. “That’s why you asked me that question earlier.” He brought his face to mine, his warm breath blowing against my skin, and gently kissed me. Then he pulled away, smiling. “Well, am I real enough for you now?”

“You were real to me last night. But just like you, something was drawing me to you. I had to find you.”

“And so you did.” Sam kissed me again.

About the author

Shannon Eckrich is a YA paranormal author with Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing. Her novel, Haunting Lia became an Amazon International Bestseller shortly after its release in October 2013. The first installment of her Elemental Short Series, Goddess of Fire: Burn, quickly followed suite when it was released in June 2014.

When she’s not creating worlds that walk the line between fiction and reality, she enjoys spending time with her family and volunteering at her local firehouse.

Want to learn more about me or my books? Then check out my Amazon page!!

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