Meet Author Olivia Snow

Olivia: Welcome girls to our very first BlogFest! How about we start off with introducing ourselves? I’ll start, my name is Olivia Snow and I am the proud author of the KIS Series and currently residing in Colorado. Okay, Ava, you go next.

Ava: (sighs) Hello, my name is Ava Veneziano. I like Piña Colada’s and getting caught in the rain.

Olivia: (huffs annoyed) Vanessa?

Vanessa: Hi guys! I’m Vanessa Saint John, born and raised Colorado girl, go Broncos! On my spare time I like to read and play video games. (grins)

Olivia: Thank you girls. All right lets start this interview off with a few fast paced questions. I’ll throw a word out there and you two tell me the first thing that comes to you mind, okay?

Ava: (nods curtly)

Vanessa: Oooh, this sounds like fun!

Olivia: Chocolate or Vanilla?

Ava & Vanessa: Chocolate

Olivia: Favorite word?

Ava: Cock

Vanessa: (looks at Ava with wide eyes)

Ava: What? That’s the first thing that came to my mind.

Vanessa: (shakes head) Horcux.

Ava: Nerd

Vanessa: Slut

Ava & Vanessa: (laugh)

Olivia: Okay…worst flaw?

Vanessa: I’m too naïve.

Ava: I am too…not naïve.

Olivia: Favorite body part?

Ava: My tits

Vanessa: Jeez, Ava. Um…my eyes.

Olivia: All right lastly what is something you like about each other?

Ava: Her ability to look past someone’s flaws and still being able to love them. (smiles lovingly at Vanessa)

Vanessa: Her strength, she is the strongest person I know. (grabs Ava’s hand)

Olivia: Great work girls. Okay, everyone I hope this gives you a little insight on my two girls. I hope you get to read more about them and their trails and tribulations in Keep It Secret and Keep It Safe available now on Amazon. Say good-bye girls. And thank out host Apryl.

Ava & Vanessa: Good-bye girls. Thank you Apryl!

Olivia Snow lives in a lovely town in Colorado, with her wonderful husband and three beautiful but highly energetic children that she can barely keep up with. Her day is devoted to chasing after her three monsters, cleaning, cooking and often times tearing out her hair.

She loves drinking coffee eating chocolate and cheesecake. In her free time, you can catch her reading a steamy book, watching juicy drama filled reality TV or just cuddling with her yummy hubby. 

After the unexpected death of her father, and her mother's emotional abandonment, Ava Veneziano's life is turned upside down...

She turns to drugs, sex, and alcohol as a way to cope with all the destruction in her life, inconsequence, she flunks a grade and loses touch with her favorite cousin Vanessa.

Five years later, Ava and her mother are reunited with the family they'd lost touch with and they end up moving into their home.

Enter Vanessa Saint John...

Vanessa is unawarely beautiful, with an overbearing and controlling mother. She's never been given the opportunity to have a boyfriend or experience life like a normal seventeen year old girl.

However, all of that changes when her cousin Ava moves in, and she finally gets the attention of Gabriel Mason.

The same boy who's also caught the attention of her beloved cousin.

Eight months ago Vanessa Saint John’s life was a lot different than it is now... After the discovery of Gabriel and Ava’s indiscretions, Vanessa becomes depressed and turns to partying and alcohol as a distraction. Recognizing that she’s spiraling out of control, she manages to turn her life around. Still, her mother poses as a problem, and like the social climber she is; she fixes Vanessa up with the very rich and affluent Stellen Webb. Vanessa is nothing more than a pawn in her mother’s quest for wealth and recognition, and unknowingly Cynthia pushes Vanessa into the arms of another man; Diesel Knox a tattooed country boy with an attitude. 

Clean and sober Ava has spent the last eight months in Sicily running away from her problems, until her mother summons her back to Colorado... Reluctantly Ava returns to a broken Vanessa, a bartending job, and an unexpected love interest. Maxwell Gallagher, a much older man, who has a six-year-old son. 

Will Vanessa finally break free of her parents grip? 

Will Ava finally find the happiness she so desperately seeks? Or will she forever be in the hell of her own making?

Apryl Baker

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