Meet Author Victoria Kinnaird

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my two(ish) years as an indie author, it’s how to be a shameless tease.
I guess it’s not surprising that I took to the art of teasing so easily – I’m known for having ideas and characters that chatter away quicker than I can type. Considering I can type 92 words a minute, that’s some pretty fast talking. 

I suppose it helps that I love my characters and their corresponding worlds, love them so much I can’t wait to share them with my lovely, dedicated, passionate readers! 

I would forgive my readers for thinking of me as a cruel writer. I have recently ended my debut series, leaving devastation and a slew of tear-stained tissues in my wake. I have promised a spin off but have not set a release date or shed any light on what my loyal readers can expect from the expansion of The Red Sun Rises universe. Pretty heartless of me, right? 

So, to prove my love for my readers and to reassure them that Jasper Hart will return in all his inked-up glory, I am proud to present the very first teaser from my forthcoming novel, “Jasper Hart: Shadow Killer”. 

Apryl Baker

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