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Hi, my name is Gail Wagner and I am a quiz junkie.  There, I said it, it's out in the open.  If I see one on Facebook I usually take it....doesn't matter how silly it is.  "How much of a Potter Head are you?" "Do you know what Disney movies these song lyrics are from?"  "What country are you?"  It's a serious problem...I should probably look into a support group or something.  Maybe there's a quiz for that?

I am also an author.  I currently have three novels available:  Army of Sorrow and Sea of Despair (both part of the Donegal Sidhe series) and Let Her Sleep (book one in the Dream Walker Chronicles).

Along with my quiz obsession, I love a good love triangle.  Both my series couples and would-be couples have lots of obstacles to overcome to find love as they navigate the other problems in their lives.

We've all "met" a character that we've fallen in love with and to that end I wondered which of my characters would e the best fit for all of you!  So without further ado, I give you the culmination of days worth of algorithms and personality tests (not really, but I did put a lot of thought into this!):

So who'd you get?   I'd love to know what your result was and if you agree with it!  If you'd like to check out my books, they're available on Amazon in both print and ebook versions. Links are below.  I'm also all over social media (okay, I try to one's perfect right?) so find me on your choice of platforms!

If you'd like to find me on the internet do so here:

If you're interested (and have read this far, thanks!!) here are the blurbs for my books.

Army of Sorrow:

Brea O’Brien is one unlucky leprechaun. Not only is she born with no magical powers to speak of, everything she touches is a disaster. A social outcast, the only bright spot in her life is her friend; a sprite. Things start to get interesting when she befriends Caith, a local human, only to learn he isn’t what he seems. To make matters worse, Trevor, the youngest member of the family Brea is bound to protect with her life shows up. She is told to keep her distance, but when a gypsy foretells of coming danger targeting him, she finds the only way to save him is to tell him. As a battle looms, the three must come to terms with new revelations about themselves and band together or all of Ireland will be lost.

Sea of Despair:

Leprechaun, Brea O’Brien always knew she was different, but when her once dormant gift of visions kicks in, their cryptic messages do more harm than good. She struggles to help her friends gather a secret army to fight the coming war all while fighting her own personal battles. The leprechaun council wants her to marry the one person she swore she’d never forgive and she falls for the one person she can never have. As Brea’s dreams become increasingly violent, time ticks away till an ancient demon is released, whose one goal is to destroy the world.

Let Her Sleep:

After surviving the accident that killed her mother, Cordelia Jameson’s life has been ruled by survivor’s guilt. She thinks quitting her meds is the first step to taking back control of her life, but they are the one thing that’s been keeping her safe. 

Rescued from her nightmares by the boy of her dreams, she finds herself inexplicably falling for him. When he shows up at her school she begins to question her sanity. 

Reid Shaw pulls her into his world of Shadows and nightmares putting her in grave danger as the evil that haunts all dreams begins to hunt her. She is forced to choose sides, and no matter what, she’ll lose someone she loves

Gail Wagner has always had a love of books.  She was the kid you saw walking down the hall with her nose in a book, the one who read under her desk while the teacher taught, and the one who had already read all the required reading assignments just for fun.  She'll read anything that stands still long enough...including the backs of shampoo bottles, should she get bored enough!

She lives in the Four Corners area with her (very patient) husband, their three children, and a big black cat.

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