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Meet Finn, Sicily, Henley, and Phoenix!

That’s right! We have the two star couples from Rein Scott’s debut book COMPLETELY ALONE set to release August 2015 by Swoon Romance and her second book REBORN set to release later in 2015 independently. I’m Chrissy, and I’ll be your host for our little impromptu interview session.

Chrissy: (Unbelievably perky voice) Oh my gosh! I’m so excited to meet you all. Thank you so much for joining us. Mmmm, ladies, I wish you were in the studio to see this yumminess in person. (Giggles) I could just eat you two up.

Finn: Um, yea. Well, thanks for having us.

Henley: (Laughing) A year ago, I would have taken you up on that.

(Finnegan Jaminson and Sicily Clark below)


(Bryce Henley and Phoenix O'Sullivan below)



Chrissy: So, Sicily, tell us about you. You work at a museum, is that right?

Sicily: (Shyly pushes a loose strand of hair behind her ear) Right, okay. Yes, I’m the curator of the A.R.C. Museum of World History in Chicago. I’m 26. My parents were both very into history, I guess that’s where I get it from.

Finn: She’s modest. Sicily is absolutely amazing at what she does. You should see what she’s done with the artifacts that I’ve inherited. It’s stunning
Sicily: (Blushing, pushes on Finn’s shoulder) Finn, Honey, I think you’re a bit biased.

Chrissy: Let’s see if Mr. Finnegan Jamison is modest. You’re an architect?

Finn: I suppose you could say that is part of my job. I buy old or unwanted buildings, create a design for a renovation, and then my crew turns the design into reality. Once the building is complete, I sell it for profit. 

Chrissy: What, like houses? You’re a house flipper?

Finn: (Rubs his hand across his jaw) I have done houses, but lately I’ve been into larger buildings. I have recently purchased an old warehouse in St. Louis that we are working to turn into a set of upscale lofts. I have other projects around Chicago. Most will be turned into office buildings of sorts.

Sicily: Now, he’s being modest. (She stares up at Finn adoringly) He’s brilliant.

Chrissy: Wow, it’s getting a little hot in here. I hope I’m not prying, but you were adopted. In what way has that shaped who you have become?

Finn: (Swallows deeply before looking toward Sicily. She nods) Uh, wow. Well, before I met Sicily, it had made me lonely. I’ve never let anyone close to me because I was afraid to be abandoned. You see, I wasn’t given up for adoption like most babies. My mother left me on the doorstep of the people who ended up adopting me. Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents, but knowing that someone could have me inside herself for nine months and then just leave me, sort of leaves a piece of you missing.

Chrissy: Oh. I, I’m sorry. Thank you for being so honest with us. So, Sicily has changed your mind?

Finn: She’s changed a lot for me. (Leaning, he kisses her)

Chrissy: I’ll give you two a moment. Let’s meet our other guests. Thank you for being patient while I talk with Finn and Sicily. Phoenix and Henley. You prefer Henley, right?

Henley: Yes, my name is Bryce Henley, but only my parents call me Bryce.
Chrissy: Phoenix, I heard you speaking before the show. Where are you from? Your accent is amazing.

Phoenix: (Chuckles) How’s she cutting? Thanks for having us. I’m from Northern Ireland. 

Chrissy: (A puzzled expression fills her face) I’m sorry, but what?

Henley: (Laughing) She has some Irish slang that is amusing. She’s just saying ‘hi.’

Chrissy: Oh, do you always talk like that? It would be fun to have conversations with you.

Phoenix: I don’t think I use them as much as I used to. Being in the states, seems to have me learning more of your slang.

Chrissy: So, you left Ireland with your band, Phoenix Phyre. What made you come to America?

Phoenix: I love classic American country music. You know, the greats. Patsy Cline, Slim Whitman, and the like. There’s not a real demand for that kind of music in Ireland. Luckily, my band agreed to follow me.

Chrissy: I can’t imagine leaving my home to chase a dream. Good for you. (turns to Henley) So, you work at the bar. Is that where the two of you met?

Henley: Yea, The Bull Breaker is great. We’ve got the best entertainment around. (Winks at Phoenix) Phoenix and the band came into audition, and I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

Phoenix: (Jokingly, she interrupts) Right, you thought about me so much that you fecked the box of random girls in your truck almost every night until we finally got together.

Henley: (face falls a bit) You know why I did that. And, you know I’m sorry.

Phoenix: I know. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have joked with you about that.

Chrissy: It sounds like there’s a story there. Care to share?

Phoenix: I think that …

Henley: (Interrupts Phoenix) Let’s just say that something very traumatic happened to me years ago that made me feel I didn’t deserve to keep anyone. I enjoy sex, but before Phoenix I didn’t allow myself to really be with anyone. I’d screw them in my truck, but that’s it.

Finn: What is it with guys and their baggage? Seems like our girls knew what we needed and how to change our minds.

Henley: No shit, oh sorry. Can I curse? I’ll try to watch it.

Chrissy: (Laughing) Well, it would probably be better if you didn’t. 

Henley: Seriously though, I don’t know where I’d be without Phoenix. She has brought so much to my life that I never knew I wanted. (looks to her. Tears fill her eyes) What I never knew I needed.

Chrissy: I can honestly say that I don’t think I’ve ever seen two more devoted guys. We’ve got some lucky girls here. I bet you guys would kill for them.

Phoenix: (Henley’s shoulders sag and a look of sadness fills his face) We do what we have to for those we love.

Chrissy: I feel like I’m missing something.

Phoenix: Not long ago, I was kidnapped. Henley saved me. (Her hand squeezes his, and he looks to her) Yes, I know he would kill for me.

Chrissy: Oh.

Sicily: Love will make you do just about anything. I know if Finn was allowed in a room with a certain someone, it would be over. (Finn’s head shakes, and then nods)

Finn: I would. But, he can’t hurt you again. I won’t let him.

Chrissy: Again, I feel like I’m missing something. (Chuckles)

Finn: A while ago, Sicily was attacked. I’d kill him if I could. No question.

Chrissy: (Sighs) I want someone to love me that much.

Phoenix: You need to find that special person. It’s totally worth it.

Chrissy: Well, thanks for spending time with us. Can we hear a bit about Rein?

Finn: Of course! We thank her for creating us. Rein Scott was born and raised in northeastern Florida. She is a hopeless romantic and is married to her high school sweetheart.

Sicily: It’s so romantic. They’ve been together for 19 years now. She married him after high school and followed him to Missouri when his work moved him.

Henley: I would have thought all of that love at first sight stuff was bologna before Phoenix, but I get it now. Anyway, Rein used to write in high school and even won a national poetry contest. As she got older, it was harder for her to make time to write. Her daughter discovered that she used to write and encouraged her to do it again.

Phoenix: Such a sweet kid. Once Rein finished COMPLETELY ALONE, her daughter told her that if she took the time to write a book, she should try to find someone to publish it. So, that’s what she did.

Sicily: Rein’s husband is amazing and doesn’t mind how much time she spends working on her books. 

Finn: Well, that’s what we do for the ladies we love. It’s important to support each other.

Henley: Besides writing, she loves photography and watching movies with her family. A secret pleasure is playing any of the Just Dance games with her daughter. (Laughing) And, she loves chocolate.

Phoenix: She is a teacher by day. The smarty pants has a Masters in Early Childhood Special Education and Autism. Not to mention that she teaches the cutest kids ever. After she gets home from them, she spends time with her family and writes.

Finn: She has a lot of irons in the fire. Not only does she teach at school, but she and her husband homeschool their daughter. On top of that, they shuttle her to practices and competitions. She’s a competitive dancer and cheerleader, you know. 

Sicily: I’m not sure when she finds the time to do it all, but she does.

Chrissy: Wow, that is a lot. Thanks for sharing. We’ll be waiting for her debut book in August and subsequent books to follow.

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*All images represent a fictional dream cast

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